Today I’m heading south to Ohio for a bead event with three girlfriends (including @pandorabradshaws and @mcctrish of Instagram). How lucky am I?! We will get to meet representatives from Trollbeads, True Beadz and Ohm Beads. So the big question of course, is what beads to wear? I made up combos from the different brands so thought I’d share what I will wear. I’m not going to list each bead because that would take forever, but if you’re wondering about anything, please ask! In my head, my plan is to go in with Trollbeads and talk with that representative first, as he’ll only be there on the Friday. Then I’ll rip off those beads and put on my True Beadz bracelet to meet Julia and her husband, Alexey. Then, I’ll take that off and put on my Ohm Beads combo to meet Jenny and Mike! Now that I read this back it sounds ridiculous, but oh well! We’ll see if this plan actually works and I hope to put up some photos of people’s bracelets from the event after the weekend. 

First is a trio of Trollbeads bracelets and the Citrine Facet Ring. 

I was really pleased with the how the copper bangle turned out and will wear it again like this sometime just by itself. 

Here’s how it all looks on. I don’t know if anyone else finds this, but sometimes when making up a combo it doesn’t look exactly how I thought it would when it’s actually on my wrist. The tassels added a complication as to how everything lays but I still like it.

Ok, Trollbeads off and the True Beadz bracelet with the Trollbeads Fish Lock on. The bubbly Alchemy beads have got to be some of my all time favourites. I packed my beloved Touch Lilac beads as I’m thinking maybe people change ensembles frequently at these bead events? Guess I’ll find out!

Finally, True Beadz off and Ohm Beads on! I’m going to wear the necklace with the Luna all weekend, I think. The Merkaba has a special meaning for me as it was a gift. Ohm Gnome wanted to come along to meet Jenny and Mike and the Growling Hippo always just makes me smile. 

Here’s another look at the bracelet. Actually, for me it kind of represents my favourite Ohm things-the Grumpy Cat, the honey coloured glass (Incremental Change) and the Chi Chi Sticks. 

Here’s how this combo looks on. 

So, have a great weekend everyone! I will be sure to take some photos of Jenny, Mike and Julia’s bracelets and I’ll ask them if I can post them! (I think they’ll say yes.)