The Bead Bash on the Lake that was hosted by Great Lakes Boutique in Ohio was so much fun! Sure it was great to see all the beads in person, but the best part was getting to spend time talking with Julia, her husband Alexey and Jenny and Mike from Ohm Beads, plus some ladies from Canada and the USA. What a lovely and sweet group of people! The people at the Great Lakes store were incredibly hospitable, especially Casey and Rick and we even got to make a glass bead under the guidance of Julia!

First we visited a Trollbeads store on our way there. It was fun to see a display of all the fall beads. 

Trisha bought a lock and got some navy X links! Notice how her bracelets are looking rather empty right now. That won’t last. 

At Great Lakes we had lots of fun taking many beads n’ coffee style photos. Here is me on the left and Julia on the right. 

Then Mike at Ohm, left, me and Jenny at Ohm on the top. 

Of course, some selfies were in order also. That’s Mike, Julia, Jenny and me.  

Next up is me on the left and Nicholas from Trollbeads USA on the right. Love how his amber bead appears to be glowing!

I also got a photo with Julia’s husband, Alexey. He makes the silver True Beadz and they are SUCH a sweet couple!

The tattoo on his arm has the True Beadz logo! 

As we purchased beads, everyone’s bracelets began to fill up! (Plus the GLB goodie bags contained a True Beadz and an Elf Bead, so we were feeling a bit bead overwhelmed!)

Trisha showed Julia how to do a ‘mcctrish’! (This is a video.)

We got to watch Julia make a frog bead!

And in the photo below, this is a flower bead she made using the glass on the right. It was fascinating to see how the glass would change colour as it heated up and cooled down. 

And she very patiently helped us to each make a bead! This is a collage that Trisha made for her Instagram. 

This is my bead! It’s a deep purple. It was really difficult and awkward to make the beads and helped us to appreciate the artistry and skill that goes into making them!

Julia had brought some balloons!

There was a little party at the hotel that night. GLB bought drinks, pizza and wings (again, amazing hospitality) and we brought some Ketchup chips from Canada, which lots of Americans have never heard of. Sarah brought some Glow-Sticks we could wear as bracelets and we passed them out. I *think* this photo below is of Kim, Lisa, me and I’m not sure of the fourth person, sorry!!

This is Kim and Lisa below. Lisa flew in from California, but since she was originally from Canada she was happy to see the Ketchup chips! Kim bought some of Alex Cramariuc’s Amber beads (Kim, please correct me if I’m wrong) and they certainly are gorgeous, as are his silver beads. 

At the last breakfast we took a huge group bracelet photo. I spy Mary and Chris from Canada in the back!

Clockwise from the top are Jenny, Sarah, Cheryl, Julia, me, Alexey, Trisha and Mike. What a great time that was. We got to meet some new bead friends, have a super girls’ weekend away and it was so fun to meet people I’ve corresponded with for quite a while now! Hope you’ve enjoyed these photos, especially those who weren’t able to go. ❤️ 

Here’s a bonus video! Make sure your sound is on!