The other day someone asked how True Beadz would fit in with other brands so I thought I’d make up a bracelet using the True Air Stormy Heavens bead that I bought at the Bead Bash. It was so fun to be able to see several variations of each bead and I could have spent a fortune. I bought this one as I really like the denim look it has. 

First I tried it with two True Touch Stormy Heavens beads plus a couple of Trollbeads from the Rocky Beach Kit. 

It also works with Pandora beads on a Pandora bracelet. I put too many beads in this mid section and would have to take some out to actually wear it…whoops. 

For a size comparison, here it is with two Ohm Beads on the left, then a Pandora Facet and a Trollbead. I they all work well together, size wise. Like any of the brands, the odd bead is a bit smaller, but I find them to be pretty consistent. 

One thing I forgot to mention in Monday’s blog post is that you can exchange Trollbeads chain bracelets for a different size, free of charge. I turned in one of mine at the concept store and got a larger one. I don’t wear full bracelets too often, but now they will be more comfortable because I can wear them a bit loosely with this longer chain. 

In this bracelet all the silver beads are Pandora. Left to right in the photo below, the glass beads are True Beadz True Touch Stormy Heavens, Trollbeads Stone Flower and True Beadz True Taste Sky Blue. 

Below, the glass beads are True Taste Sky Blue, True Air Stormy Heavens and True Touch Baby Blue. 

Left to right in the photo below, the glass beads are True Touch Baby Blue, Trollbeads Sand Beach and True Touch Stormy Heavens. 

Here’s a last look at the whole bracelet. I shall enjoy wearing this today and hope that the size comparison was helpful. Coming up Friday is the Redbalifrog Tree Goblin.