Redbalifrog Owl Nest

The new Redbalifrog Owl Nest is so sweet. There are three little owls in the nest, which has a lot of detail on the twigs. This has a large core and will fit on Pandora bracelets, if you are not familiar with Redbalifrog already. 

If you put it with the Redbalifrog Night Owl, it looks like the Night Owl is watching over the babies!

It sits really nicely on the Redbalifrog black leather strap. 

But I thought I’d try a bracelet with Redbalifrog silver and green Trollbeads. 

Below left to right are the Hawaiian Floral Stopper, Calla Lily, Turquoise Bubbles, Rope, Peter, Frangipani Forever and a unique. 

Below left to right after the unique are Tree Goblin, a unique, Owl Nest, Silver Trace-Green/Turquoise, Frangipani Forever, Turquoise Green Dot and Rope. 

Below left to right after Rope are Seabed, Geckos and the Hawaiian Floral Stopper. 

Here’s a last look at the bracelet. I’m not sure if I’ve ever worn a bright green and silver bracelet before but think I’ll give it a go. I shall enjoy wearing it today and hope you’ve enjoyed seeing these sweet little owls!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. Hi Martha
    I loved this bead! It is so full of details, as another RBF beads. And loved your bracelet for today! We just started spring in Brazil and this bracelet is perfect for today!!!!


    1. Thanks April! Yes, the striped unique came with the key chain promo a few months back. It’s a really rich green colour, I think. Ooo…I’ll have to use it with purple and orange for Hallowe’en!


  2. I really like all the bright greens with your silvers and the owl’s nest is beautiful.
    I think RBF makes some of the most interesting silver beads on the market and have some myself, thanks to your blog posts and beautiful IG photos, and now I feel the desire building for more bright greens in my collection!


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