The Diamond Bead, White 

There is a new Trollbeads promotion starting today on for starter sets in North America with The Diamond Bead, White. This set is called the Ice Princess Bracelet. The bead, bracelet and double clasp will be $99 USD/$114 CDN. 

The set below is called the Ice Princess Bangle. The bead, silver bangle and two stoppers will be $175 USD/$201 CDN. The bangle is solid silver, not hollow. 

The bead has 13 cubic zirconias to give it some sparkle. One thing I learned from Julia at the recent Bead Bash is the proper way to put in cubic zirconias. Apparently they need to be put in the bead with the pointy side facing toward the core in order to maximize the sparkle. I didn’t know this and now will always be looking up close at beads with CZ!

I’ve been enjoying using this bead with some combos this week. Here it is on the Rosa Pearl Fantasy Necklace. Top to bottom, the beads are Freedom Feather, Vision of Light, Gold/Silver Trace, The Diamond Bead/White, Pink Facet Delight, Milky White Quartz, Honey Dawn, Only One You and the Freedom Feather Pendant. I sure love this pendant! I wore this while teaching kindergarten this week. After I got home I washed it in water as sticky little fingers enjoyed touching the beads. And some kids looked at the Gold/Silver Trace bead with little magnifying glasses to see the bubbles in the glass. Beads can be so educational! 😀

Here is a bangle with The Diamond Bead, Pink, which I’ve had for a couple of years. Also on the bangle are Sea Anemone, Pink Desert and White Steel. 

Considering The Diamond Bead usually retails for $63 USD/$72 CDN I think it’s a pretty good deal. The Falling in Love deals are still on too. Any time there’s a bangle deal I always think I’d like another one, as they look so fabulous stacked, but we’re saving up for a trip to Disney. Is anyone else thinking of getting it?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. It is a lovely bead and really glows! I love the last combo on the bangle with White Steel and the pinks. I don’t think I will be buying this one as I already have two white Pandora beads which I love, but I have many more Trolbeads on my wish list yet to buy!


    1. Sarah, sometime when you have a minute look up the Diamond Bead with Gold Core. It really looks like it’s glowing! I do love this bead and wonder if it will look nice with the upcoming Winter Wonder Kit (all copper and white). 😍

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  2. Love your close-up shot of the bead. It’s very versatile and looks great for winter! (I laughed at the sticky fingers comment because my nephew and niece also have perpetual sticky fingers.)


    1. Lol! I don’t know what it is with kids and sticky fingers but it’s amazing how yucky they can be. Kids always notice my bracelets and necklaces though, I think because they are at the same height!


  3. I love your bangle with the white diamond bead, pink beads and white steal bead, Martha! Beautiful combo! I am VERY excited about the gorgeous winter glass kit with the copper and white beads! I can’t wait to see those beads in person! ❤


  4. I really like the soft colours that you’ve used on your necklace. I had dropped the “There is only one you” bead from my wish list, thinking that it wouldn’t get that much use, but I hadn’t thought to use it on a necklace until I saw one of your pictures.


    1. Thanks Tracy, I haven’t used it much, probably because I have one, not two and go for symmetry most of the time. But it’s quite charming and I must try to use it more in bracelets. Although it hangs really nicely on the necklace, I must say.


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