Along with the release of Dark Shadows, 3rd Edition are some new spacers with Black Ruthenium plating effect that give a blackened aesthetic (to paraphrase the description on the Ohm Beads website). To me they sort of look like they are coated with thick oil and I love them! I’ve got three here today and you can see the other three on the Ohm Beads website

Here’s an overview, with Mech Tech on the top, Chained on the left and Hot Topic at the bottom. 

Chained is so awesome. 

Mech Tech has an industrial look. 

And Hot Topic looks like studs. 

I tried them with a couple of the beads from the Bee Ohm Collection, Work Together on the top and Please Survive on the bottom. Even though I love glass I really enjoy an all metal look every now and then!

Here they are in between a couple of Blue Holes. This also gives you a better idea of size. To me, most beads look huge onscreen then when they come in the mail I’m often surprised by their size. Since most of us purchase online, I think it’s really important to know what you’re getting! And say, if anyone would ever like to see something you know that I have with a certain bead, just let me know and I can post it here or on my FB page. I love to help people with bead shopping, ha!

Here’s a look that I absolutely love…the Dirty Bracelet with the spacers and two of the new Dark Shadows glass beads, Royal Blood on the left and Broken Heart on the right. 

Lastly, I enjoyed using Mech Tech and Hot Topic on a mini bracelet with Widget, As Above, Jiangshi, So Below and Cranium. I think these are great pieces to have as options for a little interest in between beads. I’ll be using them a lot with the other Dark Shadows beads and look forward to trying out more combos with them. Does anyone else think they’d be useful for their collection?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.