The Neck Bangle, available November 4th at is absolutely my favourite piece from the Winter Wonder Collection. Identical in thickness to the regular silver bangle, beads and spacers/stoppers will fit on just the same. I tried wearing it with a few beads and no spacers and it works, but after I did some house cleaning the beads had shifted to the side a bit, so I will be using spacers with it. Come to think of it, that means I will need more spacers, ha!

I made a short video that best shows the shape of the Neck Bangle. I keep forgetting that I can put videos on here and it’s such a great way to show what pieces really look like! And yes, we need to rake our leaves!


There are the three gorgeous spacers that are quite large and look lovely by themselves on the Neck Bangle. Left to right are the Two Souls Spacer, Anemone Spacer and Budding Pearl Spacer. 

This photo was from the overall preview from last week. 

Now let’s try some beads on it. The possibilities are endless. First I tried the Star of Calmness, Love Goat and Star of Energy. 

When you put just a few beads on it, it will look like this. Keep in mind this is the Medium size and it’s approximately  14cm (5.5 inches) wide and long. There is also a Small size. 

I think it looks nice with the Mexican Sugar Skull. The other beads are Pumpkin Ornament, Masala Facet, Orange and Quiet Flower. 

The Citrine Facet Tassel works well, too! Left to right are Smile of Stars, Amber Violets, Moonlight Bubbles, Citrine Facet Tassel, Sea Anemone, Gold/Silver Trace and Smile of Stars. 

While the new dangles look beautiful on their own, I thought I’d try them with some other beads, also because I wanted to try the Neck Bangle with a lot of beads to test the comfort. I don’t think it felt heavy at all. This one features the Two Souls Spacer. 

And this necklace has some of the new beads, along with the Budding Pearl Spacer. The stars are Star of Wisdom on the left and Star of Passion on the right. The glass beads are from the Wishes and Kisses Kit. 

Finally here is an all out necklace using both glass kits and the Anemone Spacer. For going to work I will mostly be wearing it just with one of the new spacers, but it’s super easy to change up and add some beads to it. Hope the video helped with showing the shape! Is the Neck Bangle going to be on anyone’s wish lists?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.