Maneki-Neko (Japanese Lucky Cat)

The German store Star Bijou has its own house brand of beads called Spiritbeads. Star Bijou has a fun online presence on Instagram and a warm and amiable feeling really comes through in their social media posts. Today I’ve got some photos of their Maneki-Neko beads in brass and silver. These little cats are all over the place in Japan as they are thought to bring good luck and sometimes one paw is moving up and down. It’s no secret that I love going to Japan. Where else can you pick up noodles for your soup as they are sliding down a bamboo trough?

Or eat freshly made Hello Kitty cakes?

Or see Sumo wrestlers riding bikes?

Or watch hundreds of people jump and chant in unison while giant fruit is being towed around a lake and water shoots at them? (Tokyo Disney Sea!) Go to Japan people, seriously. πŸ˜€

The Maneki-Neko Bead comes in silver (€48) and brass (€35). They are a really nice size and don’t get lost amongst other beads. That’s the Ohm Beads Dreamscape in the middle and I’ve also used the Redbalifrog brass Stars stoppers. 

The detail is adorable and I love the sweet face of the cat. That’s the brass one below. 

Here’s the silver one up close with some Trollbeads. They are all uniques except for the Diamond Bead, Pink, on the right. 

I think the brass Meneki-Neko also looks good with beads that have a bit of copper sparkles in them, like the Trollbeads Hong Kong Skyline beads. 

Here’s another look. 

Lastly, I made up a pretty pink bracelet using both cats. Below left to right are the Trollbeads Spacer Connected Love, Pandora Geometric Facet, True Beadz True Blossom Baby Pink, Trollbeads Summer Dot, Maneki-Neko Brass, Pandora Flower Garden, True Beadz True Touch Baby Pink, Pandora Cherry Blossom, Maneki-Neko Silver, Trollbeads Asian Hearts, True Beadz True Blossom Baby Pink, Pandora Geometric Facet and Trollbeads Heart Spacer. 

I will be using these Meneki-Neko beads a lot, as I really love silver beads that are about the same size of glass beads. That’s why I’m forever using the Redbalifrog Frangipanis Forever beads. I notice that Star Bijou also sell Redbalifrog, Ohm Beads and Trollbeads, as well as other brands. I just used the Google Translate option to flip their website to English and was able to navigate around just fine and have heard good things about their customer service. Have a great weekend everyone! Coming up next week will be more Spiritbeads and Trollbeads. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.


  1. What cute beads! I always liked those little cats too, and this is such an adorable rendition. I love your travel photos too. I’ve never been to Japan, but it’s high on my bucket list. Oddly enough, I can even remember when my longing to go there started, which was in first grade when we did a unit on Japan in social studies. I remember being very taken with the photos of cherry trees in bloom and women in kimonos, lol. πŸ™‚

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    1. I just love these beads and they are such a great reminder of my trips! Isn’t it funny how things capture our imagination when we are young? Amazing that you would remember that from first grade! When I was young I read a book about a little girl who lived on a hill in Syria and that’s why I always wanted to go there (and did in 2000). I hope you get to go to Japan one day!

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  2. This is a completely sweet bead and I love both colours. I love how plump it is. With your beautiful photos and stylings, you have created a huge “need” for me to buy the Pandora one, before it is retired. I will have to wait another five days, but feel I need a tiny treat for having to endure winter so early.
    Your posts which share your beautiful travels are some of my most favourite. I still like looking at the Niagara Falls one from time to time. Thank-you for the beautiful taste of Japan.


  3. I have the Pandora Maneki-Neko and have been wanting this one for a while now(in silver). Quite a few of my beads are Asian themed. Another must-have that I see on one of your bracelets is Hong Kong Skyline…beautiful! There’s also a Trollbead called Rising Sun that I’d like to find. And then there’s the Kimono set…but I digress.


    1. A whole Japanese inspired bracelet would be lovely, wouldn’t it? Many times I’ve almost purchased the Kimono Kit, but it’s a fair investment…someday! The other two silver beads in the Spiritbeads line are lovely, but you’ve probably seen them. ❀️ It will be interesting to see if they make more, or maybe will move on to a different culture?!


  4. I LOVE this bead, it’s one of my all-time favorite silvers, now in “the special box” LOL When I bought it, only the silver was available and I now wish I owned the brass as well.

    I really like it here with the red and pink Trollbeads, it has a real Japanese flair there! I’ll have to try it with those colors, and maybe a few World Tour Japan Trollbeads would be cool.


      1. Now that you mention it, it sure would be fun to look inside other beadlovers’ “special box” of silvers. πŸ™‚


      2. Absolutely! My storage right now is in quite the state. I have the Trollbeads Winter Collection in one box, Pandora and Redbalifrog in another, Ohm and True Beadz in another and older Trollbeads in yet another. I think I should go look at My Stackers or something!


      3. We, at least I and some bloggers, tend to design around glass and color. Thinking about favorite silvers makes me wonder what I could come up with focusing on wearing my favorite silvers together! Thanks for that inspiration!


  5. I don’t even have that many beads yet, and I’m already trying to figure out storage. I have the Pandora retired suede box which I really love. Otherwise, everything else is in a Stackers lid. I like those because nothing can fall out. The only thing is now I want one for Trollbeads, one for Ohm, one for True Beadz, etc.etc.


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