Redbalifrog Angel Bright and Dove of Peace

These two beads that came out as part of the Vintage Christmas collection from Redbalifrog are so sweet. The Angel Bright is just like the kind of angels that have been popular over the years  as decorations or for the tops of trees. I love the way her dress sleeves hang so gracefully. 

We’ve had our Christmas angel since the year we got married, so that will be coming up on 23 years!

The Dove of Peace is turning out to be my favourite piece, I think. The Dove looks so happy and the detail is exquisite. 

This week I’ve been wearing it on the Redbalifrog ball chain as a necklace. 

It also works on a bangle. 

And I like it on leather, too. 

For putting the Dove on a full bracelet, I found it worked best on the end. When I tried it in the middle the olive branch prevented a glass bead from getting too close which for me threw off the balance. 

On this bracelet the glass beads are all Trollbeads. The red one on the left is a unique, then the next four are from the Wishes and Kisses Kit and the one on the right is from an older holiday kit that I found somewhere by itself on sale. The silver beads are all Redbalifrog. 

Below left to right, the silver beads are Snowflake Stopper, Pomegranate, Gingerbread House and Snowflake and Icy the Snowman. 

Below left to right after Icy are Roses, Angel Bright and the Shaman’s Bell. 

Below left to right after the bell are the Dove of Peace, Snowflake Stopper and Love Lock. 

Here’s a last look at the bracelet. I know my friend Sarah has also been wearing the Dove of Peace as a necklace, as has Amanda the designer herself. It has a large core so would work with almost any necklace chain, really. Coming up Monday are Budding Love and Love Goat by Trollbeads. Heading into the last couple of weeks before Christmas are there any beads you still want to get? I’m feeling a bit of bead fatigue and have decided not to get the Pandora Santa House but might get one bead at Disney World. Have a great weekend!


  1. Amanda really outdid herself with this collection – every bead in it is fantastic! The angel, snowman and dove all reminded me of Christmas tree ornaments. And I admit to being something of an ornament junkie – I blame my mother, who started collecting ornaments for me and my sister when we were babies! Got to carry on with tradition, right? 🙂 The snowflake stoppers are beautiful too. I may have to indulge in a pair of those. I’ve been pretty restrained with my bead shopping lately. I got one bead from the gold Troll Christmas kit (well, along with the twisted copper bangle), and am waiting on a True Beadz order, with a couple of the silvers and the Black Friday snowman. Oh, and Goldie. We’ll see if I can keep up the restraint, but both these and the Elf Christmas silvers have been tempting me mightily! 🙂


    1. You *have* been pretty restrained considering all the lovely beads out there, Kim! I think these would be a perfect way of celebrating your family tradition. I have an aunt who every year sends my boys each an ornament. It’s always so much fun to see what she’s picked out for them. She tries to choose something that matches their interest, like a guitar or golf cart. These Snowflake Stoppers would definitely be a good buy since you could easily use them for several months of the year, considering where you live!


  2. I love this entire collection! The snowflake stoppers are an absolute must have for me. I don’t have a Redbalifrog bracelet yet so I’m going to need that also. And; even though it’s not part of the review, that lock is wonderful!


  3. I have had so much fun Christmas shopping this year – all my Mom and Sister wanted were Redbalifrog beads from this Vintage Christmas Collection. So I will get to see most of them in person. I did buy a Snowman for myself – he’s irresistible!


  4. This is really such a beautiful collection. I do love Redbalifrog silver beads, there aren’t any other collections from other companies which can compare and so I will continue to just add slowly, unless I win a lottery, to my collection. Martha, your collection is amazing and I love how you have styled these beautiful beads. Love to Amanda for being so clever and artistic, and love to you for making everything look so desirable. I’m leaving for work soon, wearing my Dove of Peace as I do every day now. I touch it quite often during the day and I feel it makes me calmer and certainly peaceful.


    1. Sarah, it made me so happy to hear that you enjoy wearing your Dove of Peace. It’s such a substantial bead and the way it’s balanced makes it sit so nicely on a necklace. I hope you have a good day at work during this busy shopping time!

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  5. Your photos are beautiful. The Redbalifrog Angel Bright and Gingerbread House with Snowflake are two of my all-time favorite beads. Have worn each of them on a necklace chain and love them. My friend was looking for a cardinal for a special gift and fell in love with Redbalifrog’s. Such beautiful and detailed craftsmanship.


  6. Redbalifrog really does make the most amazing silver beads. The details are incredible! I would love to add some RBF to my bead collection! I am just really disappointed that the one shop that carried RBF in Connecticut, discontinued the line. I was going to make a special trip to see the collection! The Angel Bright is so adorable and the Shaman’s Bell is incredibly lovely as well! 👼❤️💚


    1. Carol, that would have been amazing to have been able to see them in person! You know I’m already envious of your Trollbeads stores nearby, lol! Yes, the RBF beads are so sweet. Every time I look at the Pomegranate, for example, I marvel at the detail!


  7. Red Bali Frog’s angel and dove are EXQUISITE! The combination bracelet with the Red Bali Frog and the Trollbeads Christmas kit you’ve done at the end of the post is beautiful like a gorgeous Christmas tree!


    1. Thanks Faye. I must confess to loving the traditional red and green Christmas combination. And the RBF beads are so perfect with their detail. They really do radiate happiness and peace, I think.


      1. Oh yes, that’s the perfect way to put it – your bracelet radiates happiness and peace of the season to me!
        I need to bush up my christmas tree a little with more fill! You inspired me also to put a red and green bracelet together – I have all these RBF silvers except the two newest (which are on my santa list).


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