In the Trollbeads Winter Collection there are several bow themed items. I’ve been wearing the ring a lot lately. I like how it’s sturdy yet pretty. Very much a classic kind of piece, I think. 

There is also the Bow Spacer which I’ve been using a lot! Mostly I’ve been using it in the middle on a bangle with some glass beads. 

It also looks sweet on the end of a bangle. 

This next piece has nothing to do with the Trollbeads Winter Collection but it is a bow, so I thought I might as well show it here. On Black Friday I bought some X Links as they were 70% off. I bought 3 Bow Links and already had one. It’s been retired but they are still available at 25% off, last time I checked. 

Finally, there is the Magic Bow. Actually, there is the Double Bow too but I thought I might do that separately one day. The Magic Bow fits around a bead, but it has to be something pretty small, like a prism, pearl or tiny unique. It’s a bit tricky to capture well in a photo, I find. I had a hard time trying to decide if it looks best from the side view or the full view and really can’t decide. Quite frankly I think my favourite look is in the first photo below as it looks like the silver is really wrapped around the prism. I can’t wait to try it with a pearl (I have two in the mail from my other Black Friday spend.)

The Magic Bow works really well on a Fantasy  Necklace. I’ve put the Love Goat on the top here and am going to keep it like this for the week. I dropped it beneath our porch while taking pics and had to get one son to crawl partway under to retrieve it! 

So, I suppose bows are a love them or loathe them kind of thing. Luckily I happen to love them! Has anyone else bought any bow themed jewelry this season?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.