Trollbeads Stars

The new Trollbeads Zodiac Stars come in twelve different colours. I’ve been enjoying using them a lot and while I’ve mostly been using them with Christmas themed combos, today I’ve got a bracelet that is a bit different as I wanted to try something without a winter season theme. For an overview of the whole collection you can look back at my Winter Collection Live Image Preview here or just look on the Trollbeads website here

Here’s a reminder of what the whole set looks like. 

 Below left to right are Star of Power (Lapis Lazuli/Sagittarius), Star of Focus (Grey Pearl/Scorpio), Star of Protection (Turquoise/Aquarius), Star of Passion (Rosa Pearl/Pisces), Star of Hope (Malachite/Virgo) and Star of Purity (Onyx/Capricorn). The elf is by the Finnish brand Aarikka. I have a little collection of them and love to bring them out at Christmas!

Check out the Star of Protection up close! The back does not have a stone. 

Here are the other six. Below left to right are Star of Wisdom (White Pearl/Cancer), Star of Love (Chrysoprase/Taurus), Star of  Calmness (Amethyst/Libra), Star of Intuition (Tiger Eye/Gemini), Star of Courage (Carnelian/Leo) and Star of Energy (Garnet/Aries). 

I like them a lot on leather. 

And they each have four holes, so can be used as a splitter for Fantasy Necklaces. 

Here’s the bracelet I ended up making though, using a lot of blue and green. 

Below left to right are the Sweet Berries Spacer, Fountain of Life, Freedom Feather, Traces, 40th Anniversary Clover, Blue Dawn, Star of Protection and Seabed. 

Below left to right after the Seabed are the Star of Wisdom, Seabed Stripe, Star of Love and Beach. 

Below left to right after the Beach are a 40th Anniversary Clover, Ice Blue Bud, Mom’s Bouquet, Ancient Palace and Sunbeam Spacer. 

I love this bracelet with the Steel Blue X Links! I bought some X Links during the Black Friday sales. 

Look at the fabulous detail on the Nesting  X Link! It was 70% off!

Here’s a last look at the full bracelet. Anyone have a favourite colour of star? I can’t really choose myself quite yet. Coming up Wednesday are some Bows-the Bow Spacer, Magic Bow and Bow Ring by Trollbeads. Friday will be the Redbalifrog Dove of Peace and Angel Bright. 

Oh, I almost forgot. There are a few new blog posts on The Trollbeads Blog which can be found here. Thanks to reader Suzanne for the heads up!


  1. I love this set! I love the photo of the whole set on a bracelet together. And your blue and green bracelet is so pretty. I love the holidays, but it’s easy to get a bit over-saturated with holiday themed creations at this time of year, so it’s nice to see something a bit different. Thanks for the heads up that these can be used as FN splitters. I hadn’t been aware of that before, and now think I’ll definitely have to get one to use that way. My only splitters are flowers, and I’ve been wanting something with a different vibe to it for a long time!


    1. Hey, so glad I was able to pass some information along! Yeah, I’m feeling a bit over saturated with Christmas bracelets too, probably partly because I see so many on Instagram (beautiful ones though!).


  2. You know how much I love Stars, not just at Christmas, and so I do love this collection. I would like at least two of them and am looking forward to my next visit to the Trollbeads store in Brampton so that I can choose one, or two, maybe even two of the same colour. Power, Protection and hope are my favourites.


  3. I love the combination of your blue and green bracelet with the two different bangles. Just beautiful!! I don’t know that I have a favorite color star. I really like that you can use them throughout the year. (And I love your elf… he shows off the bangle very nicely.)


    1. Thanks Suzanne! I love the Stars and the little Finnish elves. There used to be a Scandinavian gift shop in town and I would buy one or two each year. They are just so happy looking!


  4. Hey Martha,
    I am new to TB and was wondering if you could help me with a lock question? There obviously is a clasp to open the large end of the lock but what about the tiny end, is there a small clasp to open the small end as well? Thanks ( do you
    Have the tb tree lock ? Is so can you snap a few different views of it ??) thanks for your help !


    1. I don’t have that lock but on the tiny end I usually end up pressing it down with my fingernail. There is a tiny part though at the end of the small end of the clasp which you can use with your fingernail to kind of lift it up which then depresses the clasp part. But if you wear nail polish I find that can chip your nails.


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