Trollbeads Winter 2016 Collection-Live Image Preview

Today I’ve got some photos of the Trollbeads Winter 2016 Collection, called Winter Wonder (except for the gold pieces). The collection will be available November 4th at

 Let’s jump right in with the Neck Bangle. It will be $295 USD/ $339 CAN. In my opinion it’s very comfortable and sits nicely. I wore it to work, conducted a couple of band classes (waving my arms about is always a great test of a necklace) and it stayed right in place. 

This one is the medium and I just measured it. It’s about 14cm (5.5 inches) wide and long. I can only begin to think of how many different ways this necklace will be able to be styled!

There are some new spacers to go with the Neck Bangle but they will also work on bracelets (but not leather).  The Anemone Spacer has a cultured freshwater pearl and will be $128  USD/ $147 CAN. To me this is perfection.

The Budding Pearl Spacer also has a cultured freshwater pearl and will be $56 USD/ $64 CAN. 

Here’s the Budding Pearl Spacer on the wrist for @glassy_class. Very elegant!

The Two Souls Spacer will be $56 USD/ $64 CAN. 

The Bow Spacer will be $56 USD/ $64 CAN. It will be perfect for bracelets. 

Keeping with the bow theme is a silver ring called Bow Ring, which will be $76 USD/ $87 CAN. I love this ring! Again, really comfortable to wear. 

Next, there are four silver beads and three of them are very versatile. First is the sweet Budding Love, which will be $31 USD/ $36 CAN. It’s pretty small, so I took a macro shot. 

Then there is the Double Bow, which can tie two bracelets together, either foxtail, leather or bangle. It will be $56 USD/ $64 CAN. 

The Magic Bow will be $56 USD/ $64 CAN and is meant to have a pearl or prism placed inside. It works on a Fantasy Necklace and bracelets. 

This is a Pink Prism on the Rosa Pearl Fantasy Necklace below. I seriously love this look.

The Love Goat will be $46 USD/ $53 CAN and also works well on a Fantasy Necklace and bracelets. It reminds me of the Scandinavian Yule Goat which is usually made of straw and bound with red ribbons, used as a Christmas ornament. I have collected Scandinavian Christmas ornaments for years and took a photo of the bead with a magnetic Christmas goat from Denmark. 

Here’s a macro shot. It will sit well on Fantasy Necklaces but I’ll do more pictures some other day. 

I thought I’d show the Love Goat, Budding Love and the Star of Hope together on a bracelet to illustrate the sizes. 

There is a set of zodiac stars and they each will cost $50 USD/ $58 CAN. 

The descriptions in italics are from Trollbeads. Regarding the stones, there is a note in the literature: These genuine, natural materials are absolutely unique. They vary in color and have unique inclusions and features that show their great age and natural beauty.

Here is what each one looks like on the back. 

Here is the front up close. 

Star of Energy-Aries

Boost your entire system with energy and gain order in chaos. The garnet is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Aries.

Star of Love-Taurus

Balance your heart chakra and energies. The chrysoprase is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Taurus.

Star of Intuition-Gemini

Enhance your perception and intuition. The tiger eye is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Gemini.

Star of Wisdom-Cancer

Strengthen your inner wisdom. The white pearl is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Cancer. The pearl is a cultured freshwater pearl.

Star of Courage-Leo

Gain courage and stronger friendships. The carnelian is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Leo.

Star of Hope-Virgo

Let hope and joy enter your life. The malachite is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Virgo.

Star of Calmness-Libra

Enhance healing and harmony of relationships of all kinds. The amethyst is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Libra.

Star of Focus-Scorpio

Stay calm and get focused. The grey pearl is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Scorpio. The pearl is a cultured freshwater pearl. 

Star of Power-Sagittarius 

Find improved vision and gain more power. Lapis Lazuli is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Sagittarius.

Star of Purity-Capricorn

Purity and protection gathered in one. The onyx is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Capricorn.

Star of Protection-Aquarius

Keep this bead as an amulet of protection. The turquoise is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Aquarius.

Star of Passion-Pisces

Increase passion and creativity in your life. The rosa pearl is especially chosen for the astrological zodiac sign Pisces. The pearl is a cultured freshwater pearl. 

Finally, there are two glass kits which will be $276 USD/ $317 CAN. 

Here is the Wishes and Kisses Kit. 

This is the Winter Wonder Kit. I think this one is going to be very popular!

Wouldn’t it be great if they grew on trees for bead lovers everywhere?

Here are all the stars together. 

And a bracelet using all the glass. 

Lastly, here’s a fun photo of the glass kits. I might be tempted to make this my iPhone wallpaper in November. 
Hope you’ve enjoyed this preview and of course, I’ll be showing the pieces more in depth over the next couple of months. There is also the Trollbeads Winter Collection video which you can see on the new Trollbeads Blog which you can find here. Any early favourites from the collection? For me, the Neck Bangle is a real standout. It’s the kind of piece I can picture wearing every day. It’s that comfortable and the styling possibilities are endless!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. Awesome pictures! Great insight as always. At first glance, I am delighted by the Winter Wonder kit. The pink prism bead is pretty. I would like to try the necklace in person! (Relieved to hear that it is comfortable to wear.)


    1. Thanks April. It’s funny with the Neck Bangle because it doesn’t look like it should be comfortable but I really did find it to be so. I didn’t even really feel it on, to be honest. Tomorrow I’ll try wearing it with some glass though, because if it’s loaded up it might be differently. I hope you can try one on at your local NYC store!


  2. Beautiful photos as always Martha. Love the Budding Pearl spacer, would it be okay on a bangle? Would also like the pink, white and grey pearl stars. Definitely a few items on the Christmas πŸŽ„ wish list!


  3. Lovely photos! I especially like the gold kit, and I think you’re right that one is going to prove very popular. I really like the stars too, and the Budding Pearl spacer as well. I like the way your two bangles look tied together by the bow, but I’ve got to admit I find the bows themselves a little cutesy for my taste. Speaking of the twisted bangles, I still don’t have one and I really like them – the never-ending wishlist! It gets especially hard when juggling between brands! πŸ™‚ I did just make a tiny dent in my Ohm wishlist yesterday, but it’s still so, so very long.


    1. Kim, you are so right that the wish list is neverending! I think the Budding Pearl Spacer is going to be popular as it also looks so elegant on a bracelet. Which Ohm pieces did you get?


      1. I did splurge a bit on the Ohm – I ordered a Purple Haze, and then saw that Great Lakes had some of the RandOhm glass listed, and found a couple I liked there (these will be my first Ohm glass, by the way. My other pieces are all silver). And then I got to thinking that the standard promotion is buy 5, get 1, and that there were several stoppers and spacers that I wanted. So I added two Metalish stoppers to my order and Feeling Knotty from the DIY kit. Those always tickle my fancy so much, so I finally decided I had to have at least one! πŸ™‚


  4. I really love that little goat – for the same reason you mention – it’s like the Scandinavian Yule goat.
    The stars look fabulous altogether!
    I probably won’t splurge on an entire kit this year but I like them. If I can find someone selling individuals from the gold kit, I’d pick up a couple for sure.


    1. Faye, I really like how the little goat has texture that makes me think of straw. I’m pretty sure I have a straw one tucked away in our decorations boxes but I didn’t want to go through the whole closet! Not sure if you wear any of the copper bangles, but the white/copper glass beads are going to look spectacular on them, I think.


  5. The Julbock is still my favourite! I think it’s interesting that some of the stone picks for the stars are the standard birthstones for other months, this feels unsettling to me, like bad luck. I am kooky like that πŸ˜‚ Photos are gorgeous


  6. I’m not normally a bow kind of person, but I do like how it looks connecting the two bracelets. I am surprised by the neck bangle because I did not think it looked like it would be very comfortable. The bead you’re wearing on it is beautiful!


  7. This is drool-worthy post, Martha! I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll leap right in.
    The new glass beads are all gorgeous especially the Winter Wonder Kit. I will have to buy the Copper Bangle when I buy a few of these.
    The neck wire and pendant are lovely, and I know how comfortable to wear they are.
    I also love the Zodaic Stars, I am not at all into horoscopes but love Star themed beads, so I will have to get a couple of them, too, just colours I love, not necessarily my birth month colour.
    Your photos are astoundingly beautiful and this post makes everything look exceptional.
    I WILL be asking Father Christmas for a bead tree this year!


    1. So glad you enjoyed these pics, Sarah! I can’t even believe how gorgeous the Winter Wonder Kit is. I’m no expert, but I think the craftsmanship is incredible. I just took some macro shots of one the glass beads and the lines are so fine and even. Super impressive! I know you said your neck wire is comfortable but I think it has to be tried to be believed!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Hi Martha!
    Such a wonderful review of the new Trollbeads Winter Collection! I have to agree with the majority! The Winter Wonder kit is simply stunning! I can’t wait to purchuse some of these! They are indeed perfect for the holidays, but also appropriate for other seasons as well!
    I am not usually a fan of Zodiac charms, but these stars are lovely and will match my other celestial beads. I am also thrilled to see that the Lapis is actually the stone for my sign! I definitely will be buying it!πŸ’™πŸŒŸπŸ˜


    1. Carol, I agree that the glass beads need not be just for Christmas. Even with the red and green kit, when used with other beads they need not be just limited to use during the holidays, I think. The Lapis star will fit in nicely with your collection!


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