The Nature’s Promise Collection from Trollbeads will be coming out September 15th, with pre-orders starting on the 8th. That day I will publish a live image preview of the entire collection, like with last spring, winter and fall. At that time all the descriptions of the beads will be made public, so what I’d like to do today is just show how the beads can be integrated with older beads.

Let’s start with a photo of the whole kit. On the top row, left to right are Marble, Sparkling Moss, Slumber, Forest Mist, Leaf Fall and Marble Dot. The kit will be $170 USD/$221 CAN or separately each bead will cost $34 USD/$45 CAN.

The Forest Mist sample I have is so beautiful! I love the pastel colours in it.

Marble is quite striking and will be wonderful for neutral combinations.

I like how Sparkling Moss appears to be glowing.

Slumber is a lovely mix of cream, soft yellow and fresh green.

Marble Dot appears to have a small amount of glitter in the dots.

Leaf Fall is a deep orange with some glitter.

So, for each bangle the stoppers used are Night Sky and Sneaky Fox.  Let’s start with Sparkling Moss. Left to right are Aqua Edge Pumpkin, Milan, Sparkling Moss, Black Silk and Aqua Edge Petals.

For Forest Mist I chose to bring out the yellow and pink. Left to right are Pink Conch, Beige Bubbles, Forest Mist, Gold Silver Trace and Pink Desert.

Leaf Fall is a pretty bright orange, so I went with Love & Laughter, Green Rainbow, Forest Leaf, Green Rainbow and Once Upon a Time for this bangle.

This combo might be my favourite-Beige Bubbles, Slumber, an Amber Unique, Peter amd Gold Silver Trace.

I thought Marble and Marble Dot obviously needed to be used together, so here they are with Black Onyx, Golden Cave and the Golden Rutilated Quartz. Finally, I remembered to use the new Star Bangle for a photo!

Finally, here’s a bracelet using the whole kit plus the Capsule of Life Spacer (and OMG I love this spacer!), Wise Owl, Infinity and Trunk of Treasures.

So, obviously the question is, does any bead strike your fancy? I find them all to be quite beautiful but Slumber and Forest Mist have me looking at them over and over again.


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.