The Blooming Boutique store in Delaware always has an incredible selection of Uniques on their online parties, with photos of the front and back of beads. They post live images of regular beads, too, which will come in handy for the glass in the fall collection, especially the Forest Mist bead. Also, their Uniques are Buy 5 get 1 free. I picked three lovely ones and made up some combos with them for today. On this bangle below, the Uniques from the store are at numbers 2, 4 and 5, going left to right. I choose them partly because I thought they might go with the Unique I bought in Michigan and they do! The pink one in the middle is a Universal Unique (ie., larger core) that came with my leather bracelet. The style for number 5, with all the little bumps, makes me think of the inside of a flower for some reason. I love the delicate thin green lines. 

I think the one with the little bumps looks sweet with a couple of Lavender Prisms. 

Here, the upcoming Shape of Magic bead is in the middle and then I added two Rose Quartzes. 

The teeny splash of a bright orangish hue made me think of Golden Cave, which is in the middle of this bracelet. 

Below you can see what I’m talking about if you look at the Unique to the left of the Golden Cave below. See the tiny bit in the middle of the flowers? That little touch of colour is so striking and I never would have thought of it matching, but I think it’s just gorgeous!

Below left to right are a Lavender Prism, Rhythm Drum, a Unique, a bead from the Kimono Kit and Rose Quartz. 

Below left to right after the Rose Quartz are Water Lily Family, a Unique, Golden Cave, a Unique, Moonlight Dancing and Rose Quartz. 

Below left to right after the Rose Quartz are a bead from the Kimono Kit, a Unique, Pumpkin Ornament and a Lavender Prism.

Blooming Boutique tends to group Uniques by colour, which is how I discovered these three. You can see a recent online party here. I went back into mid-July to find these beads and it’s fun to look around. These beads are a super addition to my collection! 

Edited to add this photo-wow! 

Coming up later this week will be a blog post on the upcoming Forest Secrets Kit. Click on my Instagram or Facebook links to see a couple of pictures. Also this week will be a Newfoundland inspired travel post featuring Vikings from Perlen. 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.