The Trollbeads Budding Pearl Spacer came out with the Winter Collection and you can see a picture of it on the Neck Bangle here on my Live Image Preview. But I think it’s also lovely for bracelets! It won’t go on leather, but works really well on the Twisted Bangle, regular bangle and foxtail chain bracelets. It’s so elegant and works well with just a couple of other beads, in this case the Milky Quartz and the Diamond Bead, White. 

Next I tried it in a few variations using Copper Spacers, Silver Spacers, glass beads from the Winter Wonder Kit, the Citrine Facet Tassel and the Smoky Quartz Facet Tassel. 

This is a slightly different arrangement. 

And yet again, I’ve just moved the spacers around a bit. 

The tassels always look so pretty in the sun. 

This is how I wore it for a road test last week. I played a lot of piano while teaching primary music classes (I’m a sub) and it was very comfortable, not too big at all. That’s the Pink Prism in the Magic Bow and the Star of Wisdom on the top and the Star of Passion below. 

For a different look on a bigger bracelet I went with a red and white theme. 

The red beads are from the Wishes and Kisses Kit. Plus, left to right are the Star of Wisdom, Milky Quartz, Smile of Stars, Budding Pearl Spacer, Smile of Stars, the Diamond Bead/White and the Star of Passion. 

Lastly, I tried out this bracelet with a Magic Band from Disney World, where we are going at Christmas. I think it will work! πŸ˜€

So, I think this is a really versatile and elegant bead and I love how it looks just on its own and with other beads. Coming up Wednesday is an autumn colours bracelet followed hopefully by some Ohm Beads, depending on the bead mail situation. If there’s anything you want to see more of from the Trollbeads Winter Collection just let me know. I’m going to try to space things out over the rest of November and December and it doesn’t matter to me what the order is. Some True Beadz and Redbalifrog beads will be arriving in the next while too and I’m going to buy the Pandora Santa House as it looks super cute!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.