Trollbeads Double Bow

This is just a quick blog entry as I already made up a bunch of bracelets using the Double Bow for the Trollbeads Blog here. Those were mostly using new Winter Collection pieces though and I wanted to make something up using regular pieces to see how it would look going into the post-Christmas season. First I tried it as a splitter on a Fantasy Necklace. Mine isn’t long enough to wear this way but I think it looks nice and it’s good to have future goals. 😀 Check out the difference in the lighting here. This photo was taken towards the sun. 

The glass beads (Graceful Sky, Blue Desert and Pink Conch) look different with the phone pointing away from the sun. Even the Rosa Pearl Necklace looks different, which just illustrates how difficult it is to make purchases online, difficult being a relative term here. We’re not trying to get our families out of Aleppo or anything, I realize. (I bought the best soap I’ve ever used in Aleppo years ago, BTW. It was olive oil soap and super moisturizing.) The silver bead on the top is called Freedom Feather. 

The Double Bow works really well on the leather bracelets. 

This next combo is my favourite of the bunch though. I used the Daylight Brilliance and Pink Facet Delight beads plus some copper and silver spacers. 

The silver flower is called Apple Blossom. Usually I wear it on the Fantasy Necklace but really like it on the bangle. 

Lastly, because I was going to be wearing my blue sweater, I swapped out the glass for two Hong Kong Skyline beads. They are such a rich colour!

Coming up next week will be a Thailand Insprired post with the Ohm Beads Tuk Tuk and Royal Elelphant and the Two Souls and Anemone Spacers from Trollbeads. 
Oh yes, there are some Red inspired Trollbeads bracelets (including an over the top leather one) on their blog today, which can be found here

Also, there’s a GWP (gift with purchase) starting today and running until Dec.31 in Canada and the USA. It should be on the Trollbeads website. (I shall go look myself!) 😀

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

7 responses to Trollbeads Double Bow

  1. Suzanne says:

    I really like all the designs you did especially the ones with the three bangles. I need to find the Hong Kong Skyline. I went over to look at the red bracelets and I especially liked the one with the Wishes and Kisses and Zodiac Stars. Is there more than one bracelet there?


    • marthnick says:

      Hi Suzanne! No, the red leather bracelet with all the beads on is just one. They are called double bracelets and have two strands and then you wrap it around twice so it looks like four strands. I just looked on the Perlen website and they still have the Hong Kong Skyline beads for $26 US!


  2. Beautiful combinations, Martha. I had originally passed on the Daylight Brilliance bead due to my very extensive wish list! However, seeing it with the Pink Delight Facet and with the lovely mix of silver and copper, I am just blown away. Wow! Maybe I can still find one….Ah! Too many beautiful beads released this winter! :O


  3. Francine says:

    Very pretty bracelets, what is the name of the pink glittery bead on the silver twisted bangle?


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