Thailand Inspired-Ohm Beads Tuk Tuk and Royal Elephant 

If you’ve ever been to Southeast Asia and been for a ride in a Tuk Tuk, then you might want to check out the one made by Ohm Beads. What a great reminder for a trip! There is also a Royal Elephant, which would especially nice for those who’ve been to Chang Mai in Thailand. My husband and I went to Thailand about 20 years ago and stayed for a few days in Bangkok then went to a beach town called Hua Hin. Please excuse the quality of these travel photos are they are old and faded. The Thai architecture is so striking. This is a temple in Bangkok. 

Hua Hin had a lot of fishing boats. 

This was a parade that was happening on the street for a graduating monk. 

And here is a video that I took while riding a Tuk Tuk in Cambodia, to help give a feel for what it’s like to ride in one. They are like taxis and can sometimes fit quite a few people. 

So, now for the beads! The Tuk Tuk is very realistic looking and I love how you can see inside to the seats. 

Here is the description of the Royal Elephant. 

The detail is simply beautiful. 

After I read the description of the Royal Elephant I thought it would look nice with the Cold Milk beads. 

And then I found a picture of a white elephant on a greeting card that I bought in Thailand! Perfect!

When I think of Thailand and Southeast Asia in general, vivid colours do come to mind, so I wanted to make a big combo with some colours. I think Grumpy Cat is annoyed at having to share the spotlight here. Gosh, when I look at the beads I used on the bangle here, I notice they are all retired. Left to right they are Get in Shape, Ganges, Confetti Upchuck, Live Your Fantasy and Thames. I’m still loving those Typos and I hope Ohm keeps them around for a long time. 

So, if anyone wants to buy the Tuk Tuk and/or Royal Elephant it has to be ordered from Ohm in Thailand as it is exclusive to that country. Something that is handy though, is that you can put a bead in your shopping basket, input your address and the website will calculate the shipping cost. This can all be done before checking out, so you can find out the total  cost and then decide if it’s worth it to you. The website is here. These are really quite the specialty items and the total cost will be more than if we were just ordering a regular bead from somewhere in the United States or Europe. But for those who have traveled to the region they might be wonderful for a travel themed bracelet. When I did the currency conversion yesterday, the 2200 Baht cost for each bead equaled approximately $61 USD/ $82 CAD/ €59/ £49. Don’t forget the shipping cost will be on top of that. 

Coming up Thursday are the Two Souls and Anemone Trollbeads Spacers. And I’ll say it right now, I actually can’t see the chameleon in the photo below. 😉

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

10 responses to Thailand Inspired-Ohm Beads Tuk Tuk and Royal Elephant 

  1. Diane Burrows says:

    I love those two beads! The price including shipping took consideration but I went for it. So happy that I did. They are now on a mixed bracelet with some other Ohm and Redbalifrog and Trollbeads that remind me of time in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand in the 1980s.

    Liked by 1 person

    • marthnick says:

      Oh Diane, that must be a fabulous bracelet! We actually went to India right after Thailand but have never been to Sri Lanka. I would love to go there though! I’d be curious to hear about the other beads on your bracelet. It’s so wonderful how they can bring back memories for us.


  2. Kim says:

    I always enjoy your travel posts so much, Martha! Your photos are awesome. I’ve never been to Thailand, but would love to go sometime. Those are such cute beads, and what great reminders of your trip. Chameleon, what chameleon? (Such a tease!) 🙂


    • marthnick says:

      Thanks Kim, I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Just sorry the pics are so old. If you ever decide to go to Thailand I would ask Jenny at Ohm for advice as to where to go. And it’s such an inexpensive country for travelers (after you’ve paid for the flight, of course). Cambodia, too. That Tuk Tuk ride for the four of us from our hotel on the outskirts of Siem Reap to the downtown area was a whole $4.


  3. Suzanne says:

    I’ve always loved elephants so I’m really wanting him. Why do you put Grumpy Cat through such torture?!! And more importantly, what chameleon?


  4. Sarah says:

    The elephant is absolutely beautiful and detailed, as it the chameleon.
    I so enjoy you beads and travel posts, Martha, thank-you for helping me escape today.


  5. blkbtslonglegs says:

    I just love the detail on the Royal Elephant! ❤ I have not yet been to Thailand or Cambodia (or anywhere in that area!) but it would be so interesting to go.

    Liked by 1 person

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