Trollbeads Two Souls and Anemone Spacers

The Two Souls Spacer ($56 USD/ $64 CAN) and Anemone Spacer ($128 USD/ $147 CAN) that came out with the Winter Wonder Collection look gorgeous on the Neck Bangle but can also be used on bracelets. 

First I tried the Two Souls Spacer with some of the Winter Wonder Kit glass beads and Daylight Brilliance, but I’m not crazy about this look.

I think with the heavy oxidization of the spacer it looks better with some dark beads. Or maybe some people prefer the above combo, as we all have different tastes. The glass beads, top to bottom, are called White Steel, Neptune’s Promise, Black Silk and Black Dot.

Here are a lot of the same beads but on the Neck Bangle. I’ve added in Milan on the left and Silver Mountain on the right. 

Now for the Anemone Spacer, which is so gorgeous. It’s fairly big but certainly works on a bangle with no problems. I took these photos then emptied the dishwasher and worked on oboe reeds, both activities which involve a lot of wrist movements. 

In the photo below I’ve used two Pink Prisms on either side of the Daylight Brilliance. 

I’ve been using the combination of the Winter Wonder Kit, Daylight Brilliance, Pink Prisms and Pearls a lot lately! Here I’ve also added in Blossom Shade which was part of my Black Friday purchase. 

And here’s a shot with icicles. 

Alright, back to the spacer. The Anemone Spacer is so beautiful on the Neck Bangle. 

Honestly, I could go on all day mixing and matching with these beads, but I’ll stop now! Are either of these spacers on your wish list? 

The next couple of weeks I’ll only be posting sporadically-Dec. 25, the 28th and then maybe not until Jan.4 or so, depending on how many bead photos I take at Disney World. Happy holidays everyone!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.


  1. The Anemone Spacer is so pretty! I really like your combos with the Winter Wonder kit and Daylight Brilliance, especially on the copper bangle. Very wintery and festive. A very happy holiday to you and your family. Enjoy your trip!


  2. I love the Anemone spacer and it is definitely on my wishlist but it is so expensive! I’ll have to wait for a promotion to buy it. And even then I’ll have to think about it since they are so many other beads I want.


    1. It’s hard to prioritize, isn’t it? I realize I have all the new Trollbeads from about last March, but still have a massive wish list of older items. Now that I’ve discovered pearls, not to mention gemstones, it’s going to take forever to make a dent in the list! Maybe there will be a Boxing Day sale? DotUK was mentioning that last year there was a round of retirements and a sale. Fingers crossed!


  3. They are both beautiful designs and seem to look lovely on bracelets or on the necklace. Are they comfortable on the bracelets, or do they press into your wrist when using your hands?
    I know I would love both, but have so many others on my list, that I will just have to enjoy looking at them in your lovely combinations and photos.
    Have a wonderful trip and holiday, and enjoy your time with your family in such a great place, Martha!


    1. You know, I should have made a little video to show my wrist flexing with the spacers on, as I don’t find them to dig in. Because they have the silicone or whatever the rubbery stuff is, they will flex with your hand.
      Thanks for the well wishes, Sarah! I hope you have a few days off after the mad purchasing days before Christmas!

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