Hope everyone is having a good holiday and maybe even some people got some beads for Christmas! Let me know if you did! I’m on the road so here’s another post of random bracelets that I have posted previously on Instagram. This first one is one of my favourites. I love the white beads with the caramel coloured glitter. 

This burgundy and pink combo proved to be popular. 

It’s hard to crack the secret of Instagram…do pictures get a lot of likes when there are Pandora beads, since Pandora is such a massive company?

Or is it just a matter of having a lot of beads? I suspect I’ll never know! The above photo got 700+ likes and the below one did 500+. It was a little experiment but I’m still not sure about anything! LOL! 

I loved this little ring, of Sock Monster and Cold Milk on the Trollbeads Ring of Change. 

This photo was taken after school and the light was fading fast. I like the pink beads with the Winter Wonder Kit, though. 

Sometimes I like to pare down on the glass and use a lot of silver. The Ohm Dirty Twisted Bangle and Bracelet provide a lot of contrast and I love how the Elsa Pandora Murano looks with the oxidized silver. 

Here’s another combo that doesn’t use a lot of glass. 

This bracelet I really like as a winter white arrangement. 

Lastly, another purple combo. Merry Christmas! Hope everyone is having fun playing with beads! ๐Ÿ˜€ If you have any questions please ask and I’ll answer when we have wifi!