Pandora Sparkling Apple Blossom Charm

I received this pretty bead as a birthday gift and wanted to try out some combos! First I made an all Pandora bracelet before Christmas. 

Here’s a macro shot of the Sparkling Apple Blossom with a Purple Shimmer Murano. I really should buy another Purple Shimmer someday. I’d say it’s one of my all time favourite Pandora beads. 

I really don’t have a lot of Pandora beads but was able to piece together a bangle (although it’s on a Trollbeads Bangle as I don’t have a Pandora one). I really love these Tropicana silver beads and have used them a lot. And the Geometric Facets in Opalescent Pink Crystal are so pretty! 

Here’s a similar bracelet with my Pandora Essence bracelet and a Trollbeads Twisted Silver Bangle. 

I thought I should see if the Sparkling Apple Blossom works with any Trollbeads and I’d say yes! That’s Aurora Flower on the top and then Sea Anemone on the bottom of the photo. 

Lastly, here’s a very purple combo. On the middle bracelet is an Ohm Beads Dreamscape in the center, flanked by two True Beadz True Touch Lilacs and then two Ohm Beads Purple Haze beads. 

As much as I like these combos, I will likely be keeping the one in the top photo together. I like to have a ready made bracelet on hand in case I’m feeling too lazy to make something new and I quite like it as is. The only drawback is that I then can’t use the Geometric Facets in other combinations, but hey, sometimes sacrifices must be made. 😀 I’m not sure what will be coming up on Friday-maybe the Ohm Beads YFLF bracelet and Year of the Cock or the Trollbeads Tiara, if it arrives today. Whichever I don’t do on Friday I’ll do next week. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life!


  1. This charm looks great. I have two Purple Shimmer and I love them. I was actually thinking of buying other Murano Shimmer in other colours, they look great and I think that they look pretty and yet simple.

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    1. I agree that they are very pretty. I’d like to get a Frosty Mint one some day, but would like to pick it out in person as I like the ones that have the teeny shimmery bits in them as opposed to the larger bits.

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  2. I love everything you’ve done here! My favorite combination is in the last photo where you have the silver on one bangle and the glass on another. And then the twisted bangle by itself is just so good! Very pretty.

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  3. Each one of your combos shows the Apple Blossom in the best possible light, truly.
    It is a bead which I really like but haven’t bought, because, as you know, I really am drawn to the colours, as well as designs. I think I will have more fun showing it to customers now because you have made it look so lovely. I often neglect to show it because I was never inspired to style collections with it. It wouldn’t surprise me if sales start to jump because of your beautiful posts on IG with it, as well as your blog posts.


    1. Sarah, you are too sweet. I’m glad you enjoyed the combos. It must be overwhelming to try and work with all the beads in Pandora’s collection! I bet your customers enjoy all the beads and combos you show them!

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      1. Thanks Martha, but it is great to see other styling options and especially yours. I really never use that bead in displays and rarely think to show it to customers, but you really have made me rethink it, and see its beauty as well!

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  4. Pink and purple are my favorite colors so I am loving these designs. I also have the Sparkling Apple Blossom charm and love the sparkle and dimension created with the slightly turned up petals. The only complaint is that it wants to flip onto its side which is a shame since the top and bottom are so pretty. It’s worth a little fussing to keep the good sides showing. I also have and love the Tropicana charms and had to go to two stores to find two of them. I also wear them as earrings with the Pandora small hoops and barrel system. The Purple Shimmer is very sparkly and also a favorite of mine. It’s great to see charms and beads we already have designed in different ways. Keeps the creative juices flowing. Thanks, Martha!


    1. Nice to talk to a pink and purple kindred spirit, Dawn. I must take a look at the Pandora earrings you’re talking about. I bought a pair of Mickey Mouse heart ones and think the quality is very good for the price. I was a bit disappoint there were no earrings in the Trollbeads spring collection. Thanks for the tip!


      1. Any Pandora charm that does not have the grooves in the core to screw onto a bracelet should fit over the Charm Barrel to create earrings with any of the Pandora Hoops or shepherd’s hooks Posts. If the charm does have the grooves, as I found out with my Petite Facets charms, then I have put them on the Pandora Hoop which makes the charm sit sideways, but works and looks great to me anyway. The Pandora Hoop clicks closed and creates a solid circle to keep the charms from falling off. I have also put Trollbeads beads on the Pandora Hoop, but they don’t fit over the Charm Barrel due to their smaller core. I love to ability to make earrings out of charms I have two of. Gives a girl a lot of jewelry choices which we need, right?!?

        P.S. I saw the Trollbeads spring preview and liked some of the water lily pieces and the Bumpy Ride. The new locks are cool too! Always look forward to your posts, Martha!


      2. It’s definitely fun to be able to mix and match with jewelry. I’d be curious to know how many people who like the modular jewelry systems also played a lot with Lego. I know I sure did.
        I absolutely love the Trollbeads spring collection, especially the water lily pieces and the fairies. I will be curious to see if the long, slim fairies can be used for something other than the Neck Bangle, which is what they were shown on. And the locks look super pretty. Have a great weekend, Dawn!


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