The Trollbeads Tiara will be making its debut January 20th, although it won’t be available at all stores. Even if a tiara is not in your plans, it’s worth a look to see the spacers, which are really lovely. The tiara itself is $175 USD/ $201 CAD. The shorter spacers will be usable on the Neck Bangle and will easily work on bracelets, especially bangles. Even though we’re only moving into the end of January the thought of the garden growing again and seeing flowers makes me really happy and these silver and pearl flowers are like a getting a whiff of spring air. 

I put together a tiara with the new spacers, plus two Pink Prisms, two Pearls, the Budding Pearl Spacer and the Anemone Spacer. 

These promotional photos from Trollbeads are perfect for showcasing the tiara. Take note of the coloured image top left, taken from the Trollbeads Spring Collection inspirational images. I like how the tiara is being used as a headband with multiples of the Water Lily Spacer. 

Below are my favourite four finished tiaras by Trollbeads (there are twenty five all together). I like looking at them as inspiration for some bracelets. The soft colours are so divine. Top to bottom they are called Lucia, Margaret, Irene and Huda. I absolutely LOVE these combinations that they made. 

Now for the spacers. Today I’ve just got an overview and a few photos but I’d like to feature them some more later on. There are three at the $46 USD/ $53 CAD price. Left to right are Two Hearts Spacer, Leaf Spacer and Fleur-de-lis Spacer. I put them with beads so we can see the size. I should have used white or cream beads but they were in my bead box and I didn’t want to move the flowers, hence the rather odd choice of Moonlight Bubbles and an Aurora bead, as I was wearing them earlier!

There are two at the $73 USD/ $84 CAD price point. Below left is Royal Spacer Short and right is Royal Spacer. 

The last two spacers are $92 USD/ $106 CAD. Below left are Floral Spacer Short and Floral Spacer. I just adore the graceful curves of the Floral Spacer!

Now, for some real life photos…just with me though! In the photo collage below on the top left my husband took one of me wearing the tiara, then I took some selfies. On the top right I’m wearing the tiara as a headband with a couple of Pink Prisms and a Pearl. My hair is far too slippery for this, but it will work for some people, I should think. The tiara is simply a U shape and really felt comfortable. Bottom left I thought I’d try the longer spacers on the Neck Bangle (for some reason I had this picture in my head). I don’t think it really works on me, but, if the Neck Bangle sits lower on you then it will work! Bottom right are quite a few of the spacers, but pointing down and I will totally use any of these in combination with beads. Another idea I’ll try later is the longer Floral Spacer on a long chain necklace that I’ll have to make by piecing together a bunch of bracelets. I really want to be using the Floral Spacers as I think they are super pretty!

Here’s a closer look at the spacers pointing down on the Neck Bangle. 

I also made up some quick bangles with the shorter spacers to see if they would work. Here’s the Fleur-de-lis Spacer with two Pink Prisms. 

The Two Hearts Spacer I put with the heart beads from the Wishes and Kisses Kit. I think this is very sweet looking!

This is the Royal Spacer Short, with, top to bottom, Floral Wishes, Smile of Stars, Wise Bamboo, Rainbow Bridge, Smile of Stars and Violet Stripe.

This bangle features the Leaf Spacer with some green uniques and the Seabed bead, second from bottom. 

Finally, here’s one more look at the whole tiara. I can try to answer any questions but also everything will be on the Trollbeads website on Friday. Do any spacers catch your eye? I think my early favourite is actually the Leaf Spacer. Perfect for spring!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

*Newly added photo* 

Please excuse the quality of this-it’s a selfie. I tried the tallest Floral Spacer but found it a bit floppy for me, but I think the Floral Spacer Short works. I was also thinking that in the summer one could use the longer Floral Spacer on a bangle but pointing UP the arm. I hope to see how others use it!