Ohm Beads is coming out with a delightful collection on March 1 called Woodstock, named after the famous music festival that took place in 1969. I was three years old then, so don’t remember it, but I like a lot of the groups that played there, like The Who. Today I’ve got photos of several items, including  the main bead called Woodstock, which is a Limited Edition at 1969 beads being made. It’s $95 USD/ $120 CAN. The bead is a really good size and has a matte finish, which is a little hard to tell from these photos. It makes the details really pop, though. I like how realistic the guitar is and the flowers are so lovely. 

It comes packaged with a blind bag item of a random dangle. Such a fun idea! This  one is called Star. 

Here they are with a couple of Purple Haze beads. If you’re a youngster who is unfamiliar with Woodstock and want to get a sampling of a performance at the festival, check out Jimi Hendrix playing the Star Spangled Banner on YouTube. 

With all the flowers I thought I’d try it with the Water Lily Spacers from Trollbeads and some Trollbeads glass. On the left is Masala Facet and on the right is Rivers of Life. 

The Ohm Jar ($45 USD/ $55 CAN) is absolutely adorable. I love the detail at the top where a lid would screw on and the writing is really cute. The back of it is plain and this bead is in a traditional silver finish. I tried a bangle with some bright colours using Live Your Fantasy (the orange one) and Broken Heart on the right. Broken Heart really has a great jelly kind of look to it in person. 

The mason jar makes me think of lemonade and when in Bali my favourite drink was a Basil Lemonade. It was basil, mint, lemonade and Sprite. 

I tried to recreate the feeling of the drink with True Beadz. Those are True Touch Gooseberry and True Blossom Sunlight Spot beads. 

Ooo….I just found a photo of a drink in a jar. Now I’m thirsty and want to go back to Bali. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ I can’t wait to see how people style the Ohm Jar bead! Annmarie from Ohio said she is going to put it with the Elfbead called Swamp Fireflies, which I thought was a brilliant idea!

Next up are the Woodstock dangles. These are $20 USD/ $25 CAN and I could see them becoming addictive. Here are the ones I have and these are also in the matte silver finish. The fronts and backs are identical. 

Below, the dangles are called Fly, Grow, Expand and Music. Clearly some tie-dye kind of glass was needed for a bangle and this was the closest I could get. Left to right are Trollbeads Green Turquoise Dot, Ohm Beads Live Your Fantasy, Trollbeads Celebrate Life, Ohm Beads Get in Shape and Trollbeads Peter. 

The little bird totally makes me think of an old TV show called The Partridge Family. It was about a family singing group who travelled around to gigs in a groovy bus. Picture a 1970’s hipsters Von Trapp family. These are the colours of the bus below. The beads are all Ohm Beads and called Incremental Change, Cold Milk, Broken Heart, Cold Milk and Blue Hole. 

The dangles will also be great to add some interest to bracelets. Below, the Calla Lily, Geckos and Hawaiian Floral Stoppers are from Redbalifrog. 

Lastly, here’s an all Ohm Beads bangle. So, are there any pieces you’ve pre-ordered? Have you made plans on how to style any of these beads?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.