On Saturday the temperature rose to a positively balmy +14 so we went to the beach. Of course, it’s not supposed to be that warm in February and we were not the only ones with the same idea! The place was pretty busy with people checking out the broken ice on the lake. This is Lake Erie, at Port Stanley. 

We walked out onto the lake, which is probably slightly dangerous. We went out to where there were lots of other people, although they aren’t in this photo, that’s just my husband and kids. 

Of course I took a bracelet along. My husband took pictures of his stuffed squirrel puppet for his Instagram account. Our children have come to accept their slightly eccentric parents. LOL!!

This is the Pink Striped Agate Kit and I love it! I bought it from Trollbeads.com

There are some striped parts and some solid parts so the beads look slightly different from different angles. 

I love how each one is unique. My favourite is the peach coloured one at three o’clock in the photo below. 

I used two of them with the Golden Cave in the middle, Sweetness on the left and Love & Laughter on the right. 

I did a few macro shots until I lost one under the back porch! Argh! My husband got a rake and helped to get it out. Phew!

Here’s a simple bangle using these three. In the second photo I flipped the bangle over. The silver beads are the new Hourglass ones. 

For a full combo I added in the Copper Twisted Bangle and the Copper Bangle with three Water Lily Spacers. It’s going to be so much fun having these beads in my collection. I’d had my eye on them for years, so am glad I finally bought them. There’s also a Turquoise Striped Agate Kit which I’m going to put out of my mind.  It is actually a good thing there is no store where I live that sells Trollbeads, because I could see stopping in all the time to see if they have pretty stones to buy! Is anyone else an agate fan? Or do you have the turquoise ones?