Ohm Beads Trees and Flowers

Ohm Beads came out with a limited edition glass bead called Trees ($35 USD/ $45 CAN) and three silver floral beads ($45 USD/ $55 CAN) that were added to the regular collection. The Trees glass bead is in their iconic barrel shape and is such a fresh shade of green. The first colour I always think to put with green is purple and it did not dissappoint. The beads on either end are Purple Haze and in the middle is Get in Shape. 

Also with green my mind goes to copper. Here is the Ohm Beads Bar Brawl on a Trollbeads Copper Bangle and then a Blushed Hive Mind with the Trees beads. So gorgeous in the sun!

Trees also goes with Confetti Upchuck, if you have that bead. Sock Monster looks upset that Babo is not sharing the cookies. 

And here Grumpy Cat is showing how he dislikes nature. 

The Trees beads match the Trollbeads Earth bead perfectly!

The three silver beads are an openwork style, which I really like because it makes them quite light to wear. Also, the design goes all the way around them, so no matter how they turn, there is something pretty to see. 

This is my favourite one and it’s called Lotus. The Lotus makes me think of the lotus pond out the back of the Starbucks in Ubud, Bali, which is probably one of the most scenic Starbucks in the world. That’s the view from the Starbucks patio below. 

Rose is also very lovely. 

Here they are both on a Copper Bangle with a Trollbeads Pink Facet Delight. 

I also put the Lotus bead in this multi brand combo. It’s in the middle of the top right bangle. 

The third flower bead is called Iris. I really wish I had some in the garden, but I don’t!

Lastly, I made up a bracelet using all four beads. I thought the wooden beads called Bolly Wood were thematically appropriate and then the rich, caramel coloured Bar Brawl bead pulls it together, I think. The little friends below are Growling Hippo and Cute Chameleon. On the left is the silver Mama Terra. 

So, any favourites from these four beads? Or combos from above? I’m partial to the Lotus bead, as I mentioned. And I love the freshness of the Trees beads! Since I like purple I should like that bangle the best but I like the bracelet with the Bar Brawl and wood beads and that’s what I wore on the weekend. Coming up Thursday will be the Sweet Flowerworld Elfbead. 


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.


  1. The Babo/Sock Monster bracelet is my favorite. Sock Monster really does look upset that it doesn’t have any cookies. (Did you know “babo” is “dummy” in Korean?)


  2. I think I like Trees the best and the last bracelet, but I am partial to Bollywood, I think it works well with so many designs. (For the record, I did NOT know that about Babo, but that made me laugh out loud!) For the silver florals I agree that Lotus is very nice, maybe a close runner up is Iris. Very pretty, versatile collection. 💚😍💚


    1. Hi Tanya! It is a very pretty collection, I agree. Really, just one silver bead on a bangle would be lovely. I really do like wearing one bead at a time, in order to appreciate it, even though I realize my pictures usually have a bunch of beads. 💕


  3. Hi Martha, I like every one of the combinations you’ve done here. If I had to choose a favorite bracelet it would be the last one. Oh, and I really must get Grumpy Cat!!!


  4. Hi Martha! I think I’d vote for Iris as my favorite but when the 4 beads are put together on your bracelet as shown I am having a hard time telling them apart. 🙃 That may be good as they blend nicely even though they are different. If you get a chance could you tell us which silver beads are which in the last bracelet that is on the wooden step? I was reading along in your post and when you mentioned the Starbucks in Bali my mind immediately thought that I’d love to see a photo of it and there it was! Thanks so much! It is gorgeous!


    1. Oh no! I was hoping no one would ask that, ha ha ha! I *think* in the second to last photo starting from the top right silver bead and going clockwise they are Iris, Lotus and Rose. You are correct, that it’s a bit hard to tell them apart if you are not looking at the main flower. But, as you mention, they do blend nicely and there are no worries about which way they flip or turn, as they are pretty from every angle. Isn’t that Starbucks divine? 😍


  5. Hi again, Martha. I must have missed it before, but is that a turtle bead I’m seeing now on your bangle???! Also please tell me I can still get one.


    1. Hi Suzanne! The green and yellow glass bead? Isn’t it adorable? That’s a Trollbeads Unique that I got from Perlen, but I don’t see it there, I just checked. Take a look at Trollbeads Gallery and/or Blooming Boutique Beads or any other retailer. I’ll let you know if I see one. This one was from a few years ago.


      1. Thank you Martha! Trollbeads Gallery has a couple of cute ones. I was randomly trying to look up “turtle bead” before I asked you about it. That wasn’t working out well.


      1. Oh my. I just found a couple at Trollbeads Gallery! And… Blooming boutique seems to also have a Ladybug which I love. Thank you!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. You are definitely my bead enabler, Martha. Showing me all these great photos like you do! I realize that the uniques are called ” Critter Uniques.” Probably why I couldn’t find any.

    Liked by 1 person

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