Trollbeads Feel Good Bracelet 

Today the Limited Edition Feel Good Bracelet from Trollbeads (affiliate link) makes its debut. Consisting of a silver bead, glass bead, foxtail chain and lock, it costs $175 USD/$228 CAN. The lock is very decorative and here’s a look at all four sides. My favourite is the flower side on the top left. Does anyone else see an animal face on the top right? For some reason I see a cat or bear there!

I love the cherry red of the glass bead. 

I thought it looked like it matches with one of the red beads from the Wishes and Kisses Kit. 

But ultimately I thought I’d put it with the Happy Summer Kit and a couple of purple beads for a springtime bracelet. Here’s the Happy Summer Kit. I absolutely adore this kit and remember when it came out. I’d gaze at photos for it for a long time and finally bought it!

Below left to right are the Beehive Spacer, Strawberry Stripes, Quiet Flower Bead, Beige Moonstone, Feel Good Silver, Violet Stripe, Aztec and Blue Fantasy. 

Below left to right after the Blue Fantasy are Neverending, Feel Good Glass, Neverending, Beach Ball, Lucky Knot and Aurora Flower. 

Below after the Aurora Flower are Freedom Feather, Coral Opal, Pumpkin Ornament, Pink Fantasy and Bumblebee Spacer. 

Here’s the whole bracelet again. Finally my snowdrops grew and now I’m waiting for the daffodils! So, does anyone plan to get the Feel Good Bracelet? Or do you like any beads from the Happy Summer Kit? Have a great weekend! 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 


  1. I also think the Happy Summer Kit is lovely, bright and fun and colourful, together and individually. The Feel Good bracelet is a perfect match for them, with its tiny raised dots and flowers. I love the way you have styled it. There have been so many wonderful starter sets and deal all over the Internet and in stores, that I think I have to take a miss on this one, but I will enjoy seeing it pop up in your posts in the future. I hope your daffodils follow soon. Ours are rising through a fresh couple of centimetres of snow this morning!


  2. I really like the combo you made of the feel good bracelet with the happy summer glass! I do not have any but I do like the pink, three petaled flower one. I am waiting on my feel good bracelet to arrive from Denmark. I will initially put the feel good glass on the Queen’s birthday bracelet I am having fun planning and will share on IG on the 21st. Have a lovely weekend!


    1. Hi Elise! What a great idea to make a Queen’s birthday bracelet. I will look forward to seeing that and will be interested to see which beads you choose for it!


  3. I love the lock ( I think I see a cat!) Unfortunately it’s a little cost prohibitive just for the lock so I have to pass. Your bracelets are always so incredible, Martha. I always love seeing what you create..


  4. I see the cat, too! Very sweet, and you are so talented at styling! I don’t have any of these beads… But even if I did, I don’t think I would have thought to put together these combinations! But how stunning! You make me look at beads in such a different light!


  5. I like it but a bit overpriced. Wait for special sales, 2016 LE 40th anniversary is given away at our local shop. This glass bead can match LE Lucky bead, blue and red. I will get it with better price.

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