Trollbeads Once Upon a Time and Love & Laughter

Today I’d thought I’d try out some combos using the two orange beads from the Enchanted Ways Kit that came out with the Kindred Spirits Collection from Trollbeads. Once Upon a Time has some glitter and a touch of green. The green in mine borders on teal with a touch of olive right in the middle. 

Love & Laughter has quite a bit of sparkle!

When I looked through my bead box I couldn’t find too many glass beads to go with these two, so I mostly ended up using other beads from the Enchanted Ways Kit. I thought they looked okay with some beads from the retired Native Elements Kit. The orange shades are not a perfect match but I like the overall effect. I really like the punch of colour from the Star of Courage.

These two beads look fabulous on copper. Here I’ve used the Star of Love, which matches well with the Amazonite between the two Lotus Tops. 

Of course, the Malachite works paired with the two green beads from the glass kit, Soul Mates and Perfect Moments. The faceted glass bead on the other bangle is called Masala Facet. I love the look of the Lotus Tops on either side and can’t believe it took me this long to buy them!

Here’s a big bracelet using a Feldspar Moonstone as the focal point. I used a couple of my Pink Striped Agates and put on the other two beads from the Enchanted Ways Kit. I’ve always been a big fan of the Trollbeads Glass Kits as they make an instant bracelet. Add a few silvers and you’re good to go. 

This is the combo I’m wearing for work today. 

The Pink Prisms on the bangles look so pretty in the sun. 💖 Is anyone else a fan of buying a whole glass kit at a time or do you prefer to pick and choose glass beads as you go?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

15 responses to Trollbeads Once Upon a Time and Love & Laughter

  1. Pat Steiner says:

    Two comments. I don’t usually buy the kits. It seems there is usually one bead that doesn’t work for me that ends up sitting in my jewelerybox. The exception is the Winter Wonder kit. It is georgeous. The second is how useful the Lotus Top bead is. Like you, I never really considered it, until I saw you use it. I then bought it and don’t know how I lived without it.
    Pat Steiner


    • Martha says:

      Oh yes, the Winter Wonder Kit was an absolute stunner. I totally agree about the Lotus Top. I love how it frames a bead and makes it the centre of attention. I’m sure someone has done this, but I can picture a bracelet of stones or glass alternating with Lotus Tops. That would look amazing!


      • Pat Steiner says:

        Just an idea, but what about using stones in a rainbow of color with lotus tops, such as ruby or
        Hessonite garnet,
        feldspar moonstone, citrine, malachite, faceted chalcedony, lapis or sapphire and amethyst flanked with milky quartz representing all colors and black onyx for the absence of color and each bead would be flanked with lotus tops.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, I haven’t bought any of the kits yet. Invariably there’s one or two beads that I love and the rest are okay or I don’t care for them. I don’t think I’ve seen the Lotus Tops before, but I’ve got to get a couple of them. They seem really useful as spacers or for accenting a focal bead. I love the combination you’ve chosen for work today!


    • Martha says:

      Thanks Suzanne. Yes, I think the Lotus Tops are super useful. Really, one glass bead and two Lotus Tops on a bangle is all one really needs for a polished looking piece of jewelry. 😊


  3. Dawn says:

    I have never purchased kits for the same reason as Pat and Suzanne; I’ve never liked all of the beads. Sometimes stores will split a kit, but sometimes not. You are so right about the instant bracelet which is a real plus with a kit. I purchased two lotus tops last Fall and use them often to frame a focal bead. I also like Spring Leaves which you have shown in some of your posts. Lovely designs once again, Martha!


    • Martha says:

      Thanks Dawn! I noticed that Trollbeads used Spring Leaves a lot in their campaign photos so I’ve been using them also. As well, a British Instagrammer always shows them framing a pearl and it looks so lovely. Seems like I’m in the minority regarding the kits! They are what first got me into Trollbeads, actually. A few summer ago they came out with the Happy Summer Kit and the Rocky Beach Kit and I totally fell in love with them. Have a great weekend! I’m hoping for some beadmail today-just one Elfbead, called Sweet Flowerworld. 🎉


  4. Dawn says:

    I’m glad you mentioned Spring Leaves around a pearl. I just tried it and it’s super pretty! Thanks! I looked up Sweet Flowerworld. It’s gorgeous and has a neat shape! Maybe we’ll be seeing it in a post? I hope it arrives soon. It’s so hard to wait!


    • Martha says:

      Sure, I can do a blog post on it, no problem. It didn’t arrive yet, which is crazy because it was mailed from within my own city on Tuesday! Glad you like the Spring Leaves around the pearl! This lady on IG has piles of pearls and makes the most beautiful bracelets. 😍 Enjoy your weekend!


      • Dawn says:

        I hope you received your Sweet Flowerworld beadmail by now. What do you think of it?


      • Martha says:

        Oh yes, it arrived yesterday and I love it! The colours are really vibrant! I’ll do a blog post on it next week along with the Ohm Beads flowers and Trees bead (not in the same post, ha ha)!


  5. audreypettit says:

    You know, this post is making me look twice at some of the beads in the Kindred Spirits kit! Your first photos of the simple bangles are giving me a new perspective on those orange beads, and I am loving them. They really do look amazing with the greens! As a total newbie to beads (who only owns five in total so far), I don’t really anticipate buying an entire kit at a time. There seems to be one or two in each that don’t really float my boat. But you do seem to always change my mind with your amazing combinations and photos. I am loving those Lotus Tops, by the way! And that Masala facet is definitely on my wish list!


    • Martha says:

      Thanks for your kind words, Audrey! The Lotus Tops are so useful, I’m finding. And that Masala Facet is so gorgeous! There’s a red/blue one I don’t have that’s similar called Sahara Jewel Facet and it’s just stunning!

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