A Few Easter Photos

So last night I went to my rehearsal and they did the piece I wasn’t playing in first, so with some time to kill I thought I’d show you lovely ladies the Easter tree! Looks like the boys were having a hug (they are now 13 and 15).

This sweet bunny is my absolute favourite, all tucked into a walnut shell. 

Last Easter I made a photo of some True Beadz with Cadbury Mini Eggs. The matte texture of the True Touch beads almost feels exactly like the candy eggs! There are six beads in the photo. 

I also made one with Trollbeads and Jelly Bellys. My sister-in-law sent a giant bag of the jelly beans for the boys. There are five Trollbeads below. See if you can spot them!

One of the bunnies is a painter and I set up this little scene of him painting Trollbeads. 

This bracelet in front of our Dwarf Korean Lilac makes me think of Easter. 

Lastly, I made up this photo of the Trollbeads Sparkle Kit just for fun and they kind of look like eggs, ha ha! Wow, I got this blog post made and they have only finished the first movement. It’s going to be a long night! Fortunately the music is quite lovely, even though it’s a modern piece. 😀 Hope you had fun ‘hunting’ for beads!


  1. What a delightful post! The Easter Tree ornaments are so sweet. It’s hard to pick favorites, but I seem drawn to the birds. Stealing the show, however, are your two adorable boys hugging each other. I enjoyed the beautiful colors and thoughtfully inspired and artistic composition of the remaining photos. The Painter Bunny is incredibly charming and amazing how the beads become almost hidden in the eggs and jelly beans. Thanks for sharing these wonderful day-brightening photos, Martha!


    1. My pleasure Dawn! Oh the birds are so sweetly done and I get such pleasure taking them out every year. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. I had fun finding them on my phone while at the rehearsal!


  2. Hi Martha, There are so many things I love in your photos: beads, ( who knew that True Touch would go with Cadbury eggs) , wonderful decorations, a lilac tree. And best of all your boys hugging each other…. adorable!


    1. Aw, thanks Suzanne! It was really fun to try to find a photo of the Easter tree. That was the only one I had kept and now I see why. The True Touch beads really are so close in look and feel to the Cadbury eggs! I should do another, larger picture this year! 😉


  3. Yey, what a fun post. I love the picture of your boys, it’s so sweet. Did that bunny with the paintbrush get his associates degree in Art ? 😉 😉


  4. What a fun and cheerful post Martha! I love the idea of an Easter Tree and I love the picture of your boys when they were little! And it was really hard spotting those Trollbeads among all those Jelly Bellies.


    1. Thanks Lori! Yeah, I put the Trollbeads photo on Instagram last year and I seem to remember some people had trouble spotting them all. The armadillos really blend in!


  5. That was fun – I had to look at your Trollbeads picture three times to find the fifth bead! I won’t say which one I missed in case it’s a spoiler for other people 😉

    Every year I mean to do an Easter bracelet and most years I fail to get one done. This year I have the Bunny Reaper, so I’m hopeful that I’ll finally get it done this year!


    1. Glad you had fun with the photo, Tracy. It seems like Easter is a bit later this year which will give us extra time for themed bracelets. When it comes soon after St. Patrick’s Day it feels too rushed!


  6. What a fun post! Love the Easter tree idea. It reminds me of the time my mom didn’t take her Christmas tree down until spring, and two of my aunts (her sisters) and I bought Easter ornaments to hang on it. Somehow she wasn’t as amused as we were… 😊

    I love your other photos too! Hunting for the beads among the candy was so fun, and your painter bunny was adorable! Hopefully we’ll get some nice spring weather soon to usher in Easter!


    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Kim! Even though we didn’t have a harsh winter I’m really looking forward to spring and green grass and flowers! Also, not having to wear socks is such a bonus as I loathe folding socks up after doing laundry. 😅


  7. I love your photos & had a hard time finding that 5th bead, too! 😄 The one of the artist rabbit painting the Trollbeads is so, so cute. I enjoyed your multi-tasking abilities!


  8. This is such a lovely post, and even though Easter is weeks away, you have put me in the mood! Your collection of amazing beads is astonishing and the pastels all together are wonderful.
    I love the bracelet combo in front of your Lilac tree. For me, the most beautiful photo is the captured embrace of your sons, that is more beautiful and moving that any bead.
    You have put me in the mood for playing with pretty beads again today, even after a week of
    Pandora Promo madness. Maybe I’ll go over to Rheo Thompson today, to get some pretty “props”!


    1. Sarah, as I look outside at the greyness I’m getting so excited for the pretty colours of spring. That photo of the boys hugging is definitely a keeper. 💕 I think props from Rheo Thompson are a superb idea!


  9. This is such a fun post, Martha! I absolutely love all kinds of seasonal decor, and decorate my house for pretty much every holiday…. so this post really makes me happy. So love seeing all your beautiful beads decked out for Easter. They really are a perfect match to the candies!


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