So last night I went to my rehearsal and they did the piece I wasn’t playing in first, so with some time to kill I thought I’d show you lovely ladies the Easter tree! Looks like the boys were having a hug (they are now 13 and 15).

This sweet bunny is my absolute favourite, all tucked into a walnut shell. 

Last Easter I made a photo of some True Beadz with Cadbury Mini Eggs. The matte texture of the True Touch beads almost feels exactly like the candy eggs! There are six beads in the photo. 

I also made one with Trollbeads and Jelly Bellys. My sister-in-law sent a giant bag of the jelly beans for the boys. There are five Trollbeads below. See if you can spot them!

One of the bunnies is a painter and I set up this little scene of him painting Trollbeads. 

This bracelet in front of our Dwarf Korean Lilac makes me think of Easter. 

Lastly, I made up this photo of the Trollbeads Sparkle Kit just for fun and they kind of look like eggs, ha ha! Wow, I got this blog post made and they have only finished the first movement. It’s going to be a long night! Fortunately the music is quite lovely, even though it’s a modern piece. πŸ˜€ Hope you had fun ‘hunting’ for beads!