Trollbeads Water Lily Family and Moonlight Dancing

The Trollbeads Water Lily Family, designed by Mette Saabye and Moonlight Dancing, designed by Søren Nielsen both cost $56 USD/$74 CAN. They are approximately the same size and I’ve been using them together a lot lately. They are the silver beads on the leather bracelet below. Water Lily Family is the one on top and Moonlight Dancing is below. 

Water Lily Family looks really neat close up. 

Probably my most common thing to wear is three glass beads with two silver beads on a bangle. Sometimes I group the glass in the middle.  

And sometimes put the silver beads in between the glass beads. 

This is kind of like when you go to the eye doctor and they say, which looks better, one?

Or two? I can’t decide, actually. 

I used them both on that big  purple and white bracelet from last week.


Here’s a better look at it. 

Left to right, the beads below are Rhythm Drum, Lavender Stripe, Sweet Berries Spacer, Purple Stripes, White Steel, Faceted Aurora and Moonlight Dancing. 

Below left to right after Moonlight Dancing are Purple Waters, Aurora Flower, Dot to Dot Spacer, Milky Quartz, Sunbeam Spacer, an Aurora, Purple Waters and Water Lily Family. 

Below left to right are a Faceted Aurora, White Diamond Bead, Violet Stripe, Connected Love Spacer, Nature Friendship, the bead from the Feel Good Bracelet and the Water Lily Lock, also designed by Mette Saabye. 

For a combo using one of the new Unique Leather Bracelets I went with a green theme. It had rained for a few days so look how green our grass is! The pretty glass bead in the middle is called Buttercup. Thanks @mcctrish! 😀

Next is a combo using the Blue Unique Leather Bracelet. The Unique that it came with is a striking indigo and purple! I love how it matches the Hong Kong Skyline Beads. 

That’s it for today! I really like these silvers and will keep using them a lot. I know lots of people like their silvers in pairs and I have a few like that, but I think these complement each other nicely. Have a great day! Oh! Below is a photo of the Trollbeads Scarf that is a GWP in the USA and Canada for a couple more days-the info is on their site. Thanks to Trollbeads for the swag! I should wear it on my purse when I go to NYC this summer. 🎉 

Coming up Friday are some styling ideas for the Single Water Lily Spacer and Water Lily Spacer. One photo is on my Facebook page. Just click on the FB icon in the right hand column to see it. 


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples. 

8 responses to Trollbeads Water Lily Family and Moonlight Dancing

  1. Sarah says:

    This is a total Trollbeads feast! I love the Waterlily collection and these two are definitely on my list, thanks to your beautiful stylings and photos! I really like the blue and the green leather combinations you did, and the purple, of course! Off I go to work with my head and eyes full of your beautiful bracelets!


    • Martha says:

      Thanks Sarah! I had fun putting these photos together. I don’t really have any new beads these days, but have so many from the Trollbeads spring collection still to show. Their collection was so large that it’s easy to overlook beads and these are so lovely, in my opinion.


  2. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, First of all, I love all the designs you’ve done here. Of course I usually say that, but that’s how it is! One of the many things I love about your photos is that; if I’m not really sure how I feel about a bead, I can see how it will look on a bracelet with other beads. This is very helpful for me in order to judge size, look, etc. to see if I really want it. I usually don’t buy beads as doubles, but I do try to have two similar for balance. I cannot pick from or 1 or 2, both are wonderful. This is what I mean by using beads that are similar. I’ve been looking at these beads…I think they are called Aqua Edge…for quite awhile now. See, this is exactly what I mean by using your photos to make my decision!


    • Martha says:

      Suzanne, I’m so happy that my photos can help with buying decisions. With glass beads, they can vary in size, like my green Seabed bead is smaller than the other beads it is with, but definitely for silver beads live pictures can help. The Aqua Edge beads are so beautiful, I think and I should wear them more often!


      • Marisa says:

        One of the reasons I love your blog is the detailed photos & how you style them. I agree they have helped me with size comparisons and informed what beads to buy, because I mainly buy online. Coincidentally my pumpkin edge arrived in the post today… the colours are amazing 😊


      • Martha says:

        That’s great, Marisa, I’m so glad the photos are helpful. I also find it hard to buy online and am sometimes disappointed with seeing something in person, so the more photos around the more likely it is someone will be pleased with a purchase. Glad you like your new bead! 🎉


  3. audreypettit says:

    You always have such stunning photos, and you have a true knack for putting together amazing combinations. You make everything beautiful! I’m up to six beads now (haha)… And water lily family was actually my first. 😆


    • Martha says:

      Thanks so much, Audrey. You are up to six beads? I love it! Really, most of the ladies I see with Pandora bracelets (cause that’s all we really have here) just have a few beads. It’s all that’s needed! 😘

      Liked by 1 person

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