Last spring it was so exciting when Trollbeads came out with the decorative spacers, previously known as stoppers. They have so many uses, from holding beads on a bangle to just being used as a decorative bead. Today I’ve got a short blog post showing a few combos I made up using the newest spacers. I like to wear three of the Water Lily Spacers ($56 USD/ $74 CAN) on a bangle either alone…

…or with Lavender Prisms between them. 

The Single Water Lily Spacer ( $46 USD/ $61 CAN) is very sweet and works at the end of a bangle or bracelet…

…or in between a couple of beads, like the Amazonite and Malachite below. Honestly, I realize that for Instagram I often load up bracelets with beads for the ‘wow’ factor, but a simple bangle like below is the kind of look I really like. Although, I guess I like the above look also. πŸ˜€

I like the Water Lily Spacers on the Neck Bangle. 

Here’s a light bracelet I made and wore for a few days this week. I think it would also look awesome to have 5 Prisms interspersed on the chain bracelet with plain spacers on either side. πŸ’œ

This is what it looks like on my wrist, with an Amethyst on a bangle. πŸ’œ There can never be too much purple!

Lastly, I love the Single Water Lily Spacer between these two Pink Prisms. The possibilities are just endless, aren’t they? Have a great weekend!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.