Recently, I bought the starter X Links set from Perlen. It was a really good deal, as you could choose the colour of links and I thought turquoise might be nice for summer. I think I have all the other colours now except for yellow. I wasn’t too sure about the colour when the links arrived, but on Instagram some fellow bead friends helped to crowdsource some ideas! 

Here are the Turquoise links with Black links and I quite like them together. 

Dot from England suggested the Cyan/Key Leather Bracelet. Very striking!

Nicole from Germany suggested adding in the pale blue Pandora leather. 

Samantha from America said she had seen the Turquoise links with some Bronze links. This has a retro vibe to me. Might be great for the middle of summer!

Alexandra from France thought the Turquoise/Plum Leather Bracelet would work well, but I don’t have it. So I put the X Links with the bracelet I was wearing that day as there was some purple in it. 

Here’s that bracelet on its own. Everything is from Ohm Beads here. 

The Trollbeads Daydream Blossom has a turquoise/bluish base so let’s try that out, too. 

Finally, even though the colours in last summer’s Limited Edition Deep Ocean don’t match exactly with the Turquoise Links, I thought that the overall effect was one of warm, ocean water. I really like this combo. 


Now for the Beads n’ Flowers part! So many plants are blooming right now that I made several photos for Instagram this week. 
My neighbour’s driveway was a mass of pink petals so I made up a hot pink combo. 

This is the lilac tree I can see from our kitchen window!

I had a red carnation and used this Trollbeads Unique for a photo. 

My brother has a white lilac tree! I love all white and silver bracelets!

Lastly, here are some green Trollbeads with some Sweet Woodruff. I only have a few Uniques and this one on the left with the blue is one of my favourites. 

In the next few days I’m going to have some more things blossom, so might take a few photos on the weekend.  I hope you liked this blog post of crowdsourced ideas! I love how helpful the Instagram bead community is, as I wouldn’t have thought of some of these ideas on my own. Have a great weekend!