It’s a long weekend where I live (to celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday πŸ˜€) and we didn’t have many commitments, so I got to sit around and play with beads! With the new pale grey colour coming out soon, I thought I’d play around with some of the soft colours in the True Beadz line. 

The first bracelet I made up with a plant in mind that I call ‘Snow in Summer’, which has white flowers with a yellow center. At the center of the bracelet is a Treasure, but the rest are in the regular collection. Starting on the top right and going clockwise are The Wheel of Time, Touch Linen, Blossom Siberia, Air Linen, 3 Roses, Blossom Sunlight Spot, a Treasure, Blossom Sunlight Spot, Silver Lilac, Air Linen, Alchemy Snow, Taste Linen and another The Wheel of Time. 

A simple bangle of just Blossom beads can be so pretty. On either end are Baby Pinks, then left to right are Blue Mist, Lilac and Linen shades. 

I also wanted to try out something with soft blues. 

Below left to right are Air Stormy Heavens, Dancing Fairies Stream, Firebird Dangle, Taste Sky Blue and Dragon Eyes Mystery. 

I also made up a very unusual colour combo. Julia described it as a maple-purple bracelet. 

Below left to right are Touch Dragon Green, a Treasure, Blossom Purple Dream, Once Upon a Time and Taste Blue Mist. 

Below left to right after the Taste Blue Mist are a Treasure, Taste Purple Dream and Roots. 

Below left to right after the Roots are two Treasures and then Touch Dragon Green. 

So, I sure had a lot of fun playing around with these beads. I don’t know if you guys get much time to just sit and play, but I need to do it more often. Out of all these beads I absolutely adore the look of the Blossom Sunlight Spots with the striped Treasure as I think it’s very fresh looking. It’s very easy to want every colour group of True Beadz, but what is your current favourite?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.