The Kindred Spirits Collection has several whimsical pendants, all designed by SΓΈren Nielsen. The Dancing Fairy Pendant (top) and Magic Fairy Pendants are $116 USD/$153 CAN each. (The Canadian prices have recently gone up, I assume to reflect the value of our dollar.) 

On the website, these pendants are shown on the Neck Bangle. But I really wanted to wear them on my wrist so I could see them. I feel they are too long to be comfortable on a bangle, but sat down to figure it out and thought if they could be placed higher up on the arm it just might work. Here is what I came up with, using the Water Lily Lock, Pink Silver Trace, Sea Anemone, Summer Dot and Pink Diamond Bead. 

It was very comfortable and I wore the Dancing Fairy on the Cherry/Sage Leather Bracelet all day, even while potting some flowers. I made a little video to show how the pendant stayed in place. Just trying to keep it real. πŸ˜‚ This leather bracelet is fairly new and the leather is still a bit stiff, so the glass beads stayed in place really well. 


For the Magic Fairy Pendant I went with the  Brown/Light Grey Leather Bracelet, Balance Lily Lock, Magical Lamp, Blue Desert, Pink Desert and Pink Conch beads. 

The smaller pendants are $63 USD/$83 CAN.  My favourite is the adorable Troll of Curiousity. I like the pointy ears and the mischievous smile! 

There is also the Fairy of Nature, which is also super cute!

I put the two of them on a bangle with the Pink Striped Agate Kit. 

In the photo below, I’ve got the Troll of Wisdom on the bottom of the Black Onyx Fantasy Necklace. 

Here are all three little friends with the Native Elements Kit. On the top are the Fantasy Hibiscus and Social Circle.  

This week I’ve been using the Fairy of Nature on the Twisted Ring of Change. Here it is with the Diamond Bead, Pink. 

I also wore it with the Pink Delight Facet and the Fantasy Hibiscus on the end. 

Ok, that’s about it! I also thought I’d put on a couple of older pics using the small pendants, shown below.  Any favourites here? I really do use the little pendants a lot on my Fantasy Necklaces. I love the little flower blossom effect and the sweet faces. 

Tomorrow will be a post on the Redbalifrog Lotus Love Lock and the Flowers of Bali…and listen, never give up even if you think Beadmail is lost! 10 weeks is my new record and now I’ve heard of someone whose Beadmail took 3 years! 😱

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.