Redbalifrog Lotus Love Lock and the Flowers of Bali

Just a quick post today to show the beautiful Redbalifrog Lotus Love Lock along with photos of the incredibly brightly coloured flowers of Bali. There is no enhancing of any of these photos-this is how bright the flowers are there. I suppose the amazing sunshine helped too, as my beads also looked fantastic there. 

The Lotus Love Lock ($48 USD) is a really good size and I’ve got it beside the Trollbeads Plain Lock for comparison. 

I have a couple of the Redbalifrog Leather Straps, so this lock will be perfect. The silver bead on here is Lotus Flower. This will be a great summer bracelet. 

I made up a bracelet using all Redbalifrog silver with some Trollbeads, as a nod to my favourite bead picture of all time, taken in Bali. That’s Wayne and Patrick in the water. 

Starting at the top right and going clockwise are Frangipanis Forever, Turquoise Green Dot, Pomegranate, Sea Anemone, Lotus, Seabed Stripe, Sunflower, The Diamond Bead/Pink, Pineapple, Peter, Frangipanis Forever. 

Now for some of the incredibly coloured flowers of Bali. The first photo is of a water decoration outside of a shop in Ubud. Amazing! Ubud is full of artists’ studios and craft shops and there is SO much to look at. 

These are Frangipanis below. 😍 

I just can’t believe the colour of the flower second from the bottom. Such a bright pink! The Lotus Love Lock is a perfect way for me to remember the stunning colours of Bali. Does anyone have a favourite Redbalifrog lock or are you new to these pieces?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

13 responses to Redbalifrog Lotus Love Lock and the Flowers of Bali

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, The Lotus Love Lock and the Star Lock and stoppers are on my Redbalifrog wishlist. I have the Frangipani stoppers and I use them constantly! The flowers are just so beautiful. It’s no wonder the lock is so pretty with inspiration like that!


    • Martha says:

      Ok, the Frangipani stoppers are going on MY list, Suzanne. I had no idea that they grew on trees until I saw them in Bali! I was super excited when I saw them at the hotel.


      • Suzanne says:

        I’m looking at my Frangipani stoppers and I realize that I neglected to mention that if you look at them from the side you don’t see the rubber piece just the design. I really like that a lot! I’ve decided I need to get some more!


  2. Carolina says:

    Wow, eye-popping color! Those hot pink flowers literally glow on my computer screen. And the intricate water art is amazing. Such talented artists, and you captured their work so beautifully. Redbalifrog’s nature themed beads are my all-time favorites. Frangipani stoppers on my wishlist too. Thanks for the big dose of color and beauty today!


    • Martha says:

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Carolina! I still can’t believe how bright that pink one is-just amazing that these colours exist in nature. It was very funny when we were in Bali, because I was always peeking around corners hoping I’d see where the beads are made. They aren’t sold there though and some of the workers at the hotel wanted to see mine! Such an artistic place!


  3. Suzanne says:

    I’ve been looking at the leather strap with just the Lotus Flower on it throughout the day, and I have decided that I really like how it looks! I’m wondering if the bead stays put?


    • Martha says:

      Yes! It’s really awesome that way. I’ll make a little video of it and put it on my next blog post, which will be of the Graceful Crane.


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