The Graceful Crane silver charm from Redbalifrog ($33 USD) is so elegant. I was actually quite shocked at how beautiful it is in person! On the bangle below the stoppers are the Redbalifrog Hawaiian Floral ones and the green Trollbead on the left is called Earth and on the right is a Unique. 

This shrub in the background is a Dwarf Korean Lilac. 😍

Check out the back of the Graceful Crane. I love the details of the feathers. 

And look at the bottom of the foot!

The Bee Goddess ($37 USD) is a square shape, which makes for a great focal point. The back and front are the same.  

The bottom, top and sides have some adorable bees!

Here are Graceful Crane and Bee Goddess together on a bigger bracelet. 

All silver is by Redbalifrog and all glass is by Trollbeads. Below left to right are Hawaiian Floral Stopper, Tree of Life, Graceful Sky, Phoebe the Moon, Pink Desert, Bee Goddess and Magical Lamp. 

Below left to right after Magical Lamp are Graceful Crane, Pink Conch, Queen Bee and Blue Desert. 

Below left to right after the Blue Desert are Cardinal, Rainbow Bridge, Fern Life and Hawaiian Floral Stopper. 

I made up a combo using the Brown Leather Strap. On the leather strap are Bonsai Tree, Surya the Sun and Lotus Flower. 

And for Suzanne, as promised, here is a video to show how the beads stay in place on the leather strap. I only ever put Redbalifrog beads on mine, I must say. I’ve had a black one for a couple of years and often put the Calla Lily bead on it. 

Ok, that’s it for today! Hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the Graceful Crane and Bee Goddess! Do you have any nature themed bracelets or beads that you love?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.