Since the Trollbeads Buy 3 Spacers Get 1 Free (affiliate link) event is on this week for Trollbeads in the USA and Canada, I thought I’d pull together some ideas of ways I like to use spacers. Of course, just a simple bangle with some spacers and maybe one bead works well. I’m so glad I bought a couple of extra Water Lily Spacers. Last night I was doing a little trial of tiara/headband ideas with a sweet 14 year old for an upcoming graduation. We used two of the Water Lily Spacers with the Troll Anemone Pendant and some beads and it’s going to look very sweet! She is using it on the back of the head like in some of the promo shots. 🌸

I am forever wearing spacers between glass beads. I find with the separation the eye can better appreciate the glass beads. 

Sometimes it’s fun to divide the beads into little groups. 

They fit nicely on a Fantasy Necklace. 

Making a little area to add a dangle also works. 

Here are a final few photos. Coming up tomorrow is an Egypt Inspired with Redbalifrog post, then Friday will be an Ohm Beads Grumpy Cat giveaway to help celebrate the 2nd Annual Ohm Gnome Festival. LOL!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.