Bead collectors are always inspiring me and last week I wanted to try some combos using small silver beads after seeing a lovely bangle on @am4ndabeads15’s (Amanda) Instagram. She used the copper bangle and small silver beads and it just looked delightful. A while back I did a blog post on using Spacers to create different looks, like this one.

For today’s looks I’m using four different finishes of the non-decorated Spacers (otherwise known as stoppers). I have silver, gold, copper and oxided ones.

Then, I’m adding in an assortment of small silver beads.

The first bangle uses a pearl in the middle, four copper spacers, two silver spacers, two Β Neverending beads, Pumpkin Ornament near the top and Rhythm Drum near the bottom. I really love Rhythm Drum!

Now, let’s add in a copper bangle with two Hourglass beads. These came out with the spring collection, Kindred Spirits, but were a bit overlooked, I think. They look great on leather bracelets as you can then see the leather through them. In the middle is a Planet Bead, Small.

To beef up the combo and add some texture, I put on a twisted bangle in silver and a plain silver bangle.

One small silver that is not on the pink background photo is Social Circle, because I was using it elsewhere. It’s one of my favourite beads and I did a blog post on it here. This bangle uses two Social Circles and two Neverendings. Imagine how many different ways this bangle could be rearranged!

This bangle uses quite a few of the small silver beads. Left to right they are the one that came with the Feel Good Bracelet, Quiet Flower Bead, Aztec, Wisdom Weed (which should be paired with the Ohm Beads Green Crack 😳), Freedom Feather, Bumpy Ride and Lucky Knot. Laura (@evepink123) has multiples of Lucky Knot and it looks amazing when she uses them all together!

Finally, I’ve used the pearl again in the middle with two Spring Leaves surrounding it. On the bangle on the right Rhythm Drum is in the middle with two Neverendings.

So, I’d love to hear about which small silver beads you like. And anytime, feel free to direct message pictures of your bracelets to me on Instragram or post them to my Facebook page. I love to see other people’s bracelets. The next blog post will be on Pandora Disney Muranos, just because I’m excited for you guys abroad who will be getting the collection in your countries in the fall. Then, it will be time for some of the Redbalifrog Woodlands Collection and I will put together a Live Image Preview of the next Trollbeads collection, like I’ve done in the past. I can’t wait to make another triple row photo like the one from the Kindred Spirits Collection!


Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.