One of my favourite beads from the Kindred Spirits Collection (affiliate link) is the sweet little Social Circle. Designed by Søren Nielsen, the three circles joined together give a light and airy look. Here I’ve put it with two Gold Silver Trace beads and Honey Dawn. 

It can be used on the Twisted Ring of Change for a different kind of look. 

I like it on the top of a stack of beads on a Fantasy Necklace. I couldn’t get it to work well as a splitter but maybe someone who is not as spatially challenged as I am could make it work. The ladies at a store in England tried and said it sat lopsided, which was my experience. But I love it on the top. Actually, for work today I’m wearing just the Fairy of Nature, a Black Onyx and then Social Circle on this same Black Onyx Fantasy Necklace. 

Here’s a combo that I really like. By using the Social Circle on the copper you can really see the design. It would also be great on leather, in that regard. The little silver bead just above it is called Rhythm Drum. 

This combo is not my favourite but it’s very colourful. I’ve seen better combos using the green and pink together, so should make another effort. On Instagram be sure to check out @garnet9257’s photo as it’s so pretty. She uses a softer pink which I think looks better. You could even just Google that probably, if you are not on Instagram. Yep, I just tried that and it works! Anyway, here I’ve got two Social Circles flanking the Pink Diamond bead. 

Now for one of my favourite colour combinations-purple and yellow. This bracelet just uses glass and then the two Social Circles. I’ve already taken it apart but am going to put it back together to wear it this weekend. 

Left to right below, the glass beads are a Faceted Aurora, Gold Silver Trace, Aurora Flower, Moonlight Bubbles, Amber Violets, an Aurora bead, Sea Anemone, Gold Silver Trace and another Faceted Aurora. The Faceted Auroras were part of a starter bracelet called Stories of You. I think the one on the right is truly stunning and was very lucky to find it at a tiny store in Ontario. There’s a store in the USA called Blooming Boutique Beads that still has some left. 

That’s it for today, but I wanted to say ‘thanks’ to Trollbeads USA for putting a couple of my creations on the #trollbeads section of their website. I was thrilled to see these! The green one is here

And the purple one is here

Have a great weekend everyone! Coming up next week will be some Ohm Beads from their Woodstock collection. So cute!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.