Disney World is pretty much always on my mind and I thought I’d do a short blog post on the Pandora Disney Muranos, as I know it’s very exciting for people overseas to be getting the Disney beads in the fall. Hopefully you get the Muranos as I think they are so pretty. I have heard the date October 5th for the UK. Some people have used personal shoppers to pick up some beads, but nothing beats seeing something in real life! I have a very small Disney bead collection so far, just a few Muranos, plus Daisy Duck, a Mickey Mouse dangle and Spaceship Earth, which I bought while there at Christmas time

I think any collector who enjoys glass would like the Muranos. They also glow in the dark and I actually had to cover them a couple of times while on dark rides at the theme park! 

Below left to right are Tinker Bell, Elsa, Belle, Anna (that one I bought last week) and Cinderella. 

With the bead community’s monthly theme on Instagram being rainbows for August, I snagged a photo at the beach with a striped umbrella way in the background. 

My Minnie Mouse Murano is kind of an orphan bead, so I will often put it with classic red Pandora beads like this one here. These are Trollbeads pearls. 

The Elsa Murano is truly a beautiful, frozen ice pale blue and blends in with other pastel colours. Here I’ve paired it with a Purple Shimmer and Mint Shimmer. 

I will confess to having two Belle Muranos and I used them with a mix of beads at Magic Kingdom. The bead in the middle is a True Beadz True Taste Blue Sky. 

I decided to keep the Belle Muranos loose in order to use them more, as they go really well with the Trollbeads Gold Silver Trace beads, so I had to rearrange my ‘keep together’ bracelet. There are two Redbalifrog beads on here but I think they blend in beautifully. They are Daisy Chain, front right and Mushroom Pod on the front left. 

The Anna bead is quite an interesting reddish pink. I like it with the Pandora Opalescent Pink Geometric Facets. 

Lastly, I wore this bangle with Daisy Duck the other day. I hope this was enjoyable for the people who will soon be getting some of these beads in their country. I think these Muranos in particular are so lovely. Does anyone else collect beads from the Disney collection?