Today sees the release of the newest collection by Redbalifrog, called Woodlands. For me, with a giant oak tree in our backyard, the star of the show is the Bushy Tail Squirrel ($33 USD). It is holding a little acorn with its paws and the detail is just splendid. I also really like the shape of the ears and the cute little nose. 

Check out the furry tail. We have so many squirrels around our house because of the tree and sometimes they seem to be playing on the swing set in the backyard that you’ve probably seen in the background of some of my photos. Soon they will be burying acorns, which can make a bit of a mess. This little squirrel will forever make me think of living here!

Here is the Maple Lover’s Leaf ($33 USD) which is absolutely perfect for Canadians! We have a maple tree in the front yard, so this is also a special piece for me. It’s a fairly long dangle which I will probably wear a lot on my Trollbeads leather necklace. 

The Maple Lover’s Leaf also works on a bracelet. Sometimes I wear a dangle in the middle and sometimes at the area where a lock sits, so that it makes a nice little jingle as my hand moves about. 

Next is the Guadian of the Nest ($37 USD) with a little fairy guarding three eggs. I love the whimsical nature of this bead and how one can daydream about what might be inside of these eggs. Are they little birds? Little fairies? I like the pointed ears and long hair on the fairy. 

The twigs on the sides and bottom of the nest are intertwined with each other and reminiscent of The Nest and Owl Nest beads. 

Also in the Woodlands Collection are Log Stoppers ($26 USD each).  I like the rings on the cut side of them. 

The sides look like bark.

These stopper are fairly big, even bigger than the Hawaiian Floral Stoppers. Here is a line up so you can see the sizes. Left to right are the Log Stopper, Hawaiian Floral Stopper, Snowflake Stopper and then a Trollbeads Spacer. 

Here’s a look at the full bracelet I made. 

All the silver is Redbalifrog and the glass and stones are Trollbeads. Below left to right are a Log Stopper, Chances, Fern Leaf, Malachite, Green Man, Feldspar Moonstone and Bushy Tail Squirrel. 

Below left to right after the Bushy Tail Squirrel are Maple Lover’s Leaf, Calcite Rock, Guardian of the Nest, Amazonite and Night Owl. 

Below left to right after Night Owl are Daylight Brilliance, Tree of Life, Perfect Moments and another Log Stopper. 

Here’s a last look at the Bushy Tail Squirrel. To see the rest of the collection and all of the Redbalifrog beads visit I truly adore the Bushy Tail Squirrel and Maple Lover’s Leaf as they are meaningful to me as a Canadian. Is there anything you’re planning to put on ‘the list’?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.