I bought a couple of Rose Quartz beads ($63 USD) a while back and have really been enjoying them. I find they work well with peachy pink bracelets. Here, the Pink Prisms set the tone, but the light bouncing off them plays off of the facets of the Rose Quartzes. The Blossom Shade on the right pulls it all together, with its coppery glitter and pale pink at the core.

The Rose Quartzes also blend in nicely with purples.

On the bangle below right, the Moonlight Bubbles is the key, with the pale pink and blue tones matching the Rose Quartzes and the Faceted Aurora on the left bangle. That is a very special bead, with its vibrant indigo colour!

Next I’ll move over to pink with yellow. The buttery yellow of the amber looks delicious with the pale pinks and greens. The Pastel Flower in the middle is a bead I’ve been wanting for ages and I bought it on our recent trip. Our next trip in a couple of weeks will be camping and there won’t be any bead buying then!

The Rose Quartz beads can make an elegant bangle. Here I’ve put it with a Blossom Shade, a Golden Rutilated Quartz and a Pink Delight Facet Bead.

In the setting sun the Dancing Butterfly Spacers cast a sweet shadow.

Lastly, I made up an all pink bracelet for another trip to the beach. I really like how the light hit these and they appear to be glowing. The pink bead on the bottom was one I picked up in a sale and it’s called Baby Girl Bead.

Here’s a last look. I’m so pleased with these and hope you’ve enjoyed a look at these beads!


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