Trollbeads Rose Quartz

I bought a couple of Rose Quartz beads ($63 USD) a while back and have really been enjoying them. I find they work well with peachy pink bracelets. Here, the Pink Prisms set the tone, but the light bouncing off them plays off of the facets of the Rose Quartzes. The Blossom Shade on the right pulls it all together, with its coppery glitter and pale pink at the core.

The Rose Quartzes also blend in nicely with purples.

On the bangle below right, the Moonlight Bubbles is the key, with the pale pink and blue tones matching the Rose Quartzes and the Faceted Aurora on the left bangle. That is a very special bead, with its vibrant indigo colour!

Next I’ll move over to pink with yellow. The buttery yellow of the amber looks delicious with the pale pinks and greens. The Pastel Flower in the middle is a bead I’ve been wanting for ages and I bought it on our recent trip. Our next trip in a couple of weeks will be camping and there won’t be any bead buying then!

The Rose Quartz beads can make an elegant bangle. Here I’ve put it with a Blossom Shade, a Golden Rutilated Quartz and a Pink Delight Facet Bead.

In the setting sun the Dancing Butterfly Spacers cast a sweet shadow.

Lastly, I made up an all pink bracelet for another trip to the beach. I really like how the light hit these and they appear to be glowing. The pink bead on the bottom was one I picked up in a sale and it’s called Baby Girl Bead.

Here’s a last look. I’m so pleased with these and hope you’ve enjoyed a look at these beads!


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12 responses to Trollbeads Rose Quartz

  1. Marisa says:

    Some wonderfully styled bracelets Martha, those rose quartzes were clearly a very good buy! Think that I might try out a pink and yellow combination myself because that mix was really lovely πŸ€—


    • Martha says:

      Hi Marisa! I just love these Rose Quartzes and as you can see, have used them a LOT, ha ha ha. Glad you liked the pink and yellow!


  2. I keep staring at the Pastel Flower bead with the Rose Quartzes on either side – that is such a serene look! I do love the stone beads (so far I only have the Rutilated Quartz, which I LOVE), and I’m delighted to see your take on these rose ones. They look lovely with your golden Rutilated Quartz too! I’ve noticed as well that you do make use of the Prism beads in a lot of your combos – those are on my list now, they are clearly so versatile. On a side note, I wonder which lake you will head to for camping – Erie or Huron? πŸ˜€


    • Martha says:

      Hi Lydia! Yes, I’ve been wanting that Pastel Flower for a couple of years, I think! The prisms are awesome. My friend just bought a Denim one and a single dark brown leather bracelet. Take a look at those online as I think they will make a fabulous combo. We are going camping in NY State near a place called Watkins Glen-hope it’s nice!


  3. Alexandra Rimbert says:

    Hi Martha!
    I love your different combinations. Your bracelets are really lovely.
    I love stones. I don’t have the Rose Quartz yet since stones are quite a budget and as with everything I want them in pairs. I have two sapphires, two green jaspers, two onyx, one malachite, one lapis lazuli, the golden rutilated quartz and of course two amethyst (always purple!πŸ˜‰). And I keep wanting more. But my first purchase will probably be another lapis lazuli and malachite to make sure I have pairs πŸ˜‚ And with your pictures now I want two Rose Quartz 😁
    I have just one pink prism that I bought to put inside the magic bow and I really like it. I’ll probably end up buying another one 😊
    Hope you have fun on your trip!


    • Martha says:

      Thanks Alexandra! I hate camping but we will be staying in a cabin that has beds, but no bathroom. 😬 I think Trisha has also said she is done with tent camping. 😬 Or maybe she doesn’t mind it and it’s her husband, I can’t remember. πŸ˜€
      Your collection of stones sounds lovely! Buying it pairs would definitely get expensive. I also like the Pink Prism in the Magic Bow! I must get that out!


  4. Suzanne says:

    Hi Martha, I love the first bracelet that you did! I’ve been saying it for a while now, but I really must get some Prisms! And I’m also going to have to add the Pastel Flower to my list. That bead is new to me and it’s very pretty. One bead that I absolutely, positively did not want to get was the Golden Rutilated Quartz. But now…. I guess I have seen it too many times and I am afraid I’m starting to like it a little too much. One thing though is I would have to do a live image purchase because I prefer the really dark ones.


    • Martha says:

      Hi Suzanne! Yes, if you get a Golden Rutilated Quartz you would definitely want to pick it out. I just love this one with pink. An Instagram friend kept showing the Pastel Flower and then when I saw one in person I knew I wanted to buy it. It’s so pretty and delicate looking!


  5. Kim says:

    Love your combos, Martha. The pink, green and yellow one is my favorite. I’ve been enjoying your beach photos this summer.
    You know there are a lot of wineries around the Finger Lakes, right? You could always sneak off for a visit if you need to get away from the camping, haha! 😊


    • Martha says:

      Ha ha! Thanks Kim! I like to complain about camping but I do like having breakfast outside. Unless it’s raining, of course. I think the pink/yellow/green is my favourite also. 😊


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