Redbalifrog Green Man and Balinese Troll

The Redbalifrog Green Man ($44 USD) and Balinese Troll ($37 USD) are just perfect for any nature themed bracelet. The Green Man has such a serene look on his face. 

Balinese Troll is quite mischievous looking and I really like the ring through his nose. With a little smirk on his face, I do wonder what he’s thinking. 


On his back is the Om symbol. These two glass beads are True Beadz True Air Stormy Heavens and True Dragon Eyes Mystery. 

I think True Beadz glass goes wonderfully with Redbalifrog silver. The Redbalifrog beads are so detailed that I like them with the solid colours of the True Beadz. I put together a long chain of True Beadz with soft colours and this was the result. 

When I saw how lovely the Castle Stone looked with the Shadow colours, I decided they would be a perfect fit with the Dragon Green for a full nature themed bracelet. 

The Redbalifrog silver beads going clockwise from the top are The Nest, Tree Goblin, Green Man, Balinese Troll and Owl Nest. 

Lastly, here’s a bangle using the Redbalifrog Hawaiian Floral Stoppers, Tree Goblin, Trollbeads Silver Trace (Green/Turquoise), Green Man, Trollbeads Earth Bead and Balinese Troll. 

I hope this blog post can help people get in the mood for the upcoming Redbalifrog Woodlands Collection. We are in for a real treat! 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

6 responses to Redbalifrog Green Man and Balinese Troll

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hu Martha, I just love all of the Redbalifrog beads, so I know the Woodlands collection will be no exception. Green Man has been on my list for awhile… along with a lot of others…I expect that list is about to get even longer! I’m not going to even mention how badly I want that chain of True Beadz!


    • Martha says:

      Oh Suzanne, I completely understand. Green Man is an exceptionally lovely bead-so calm and serene. I couldn’t help but putting him with the soft True Beadz colours and everything spiralled out of control!


  2. Yes! The Green Man bead – he’s on my list now too. There really is something compelling about how calm he looks. I’m still learning about Redbalifrog beads and Green Man is a great introduction!


    • Martha says:

      Oh! So if you are new to Redbalifrog you should know that they fit on Pandora bracelets as they have a large core. The beads are designed by an Australian lady, Amanda and then a man in Bali named Yande does the wax carvings. The beads are made near Ubud, Bali, which is an incredibly artistic town. There are streets filled with artisan workshops and stores. It’s such a wonderful place!


  3. alexandrarimbert says:

    Ibreally like the Green Man bead. It is on my wishlist. I just don’t know when I’ll be able to buy it πŸ€”
    I love your bracelets. And the Truebeadz are so lovely with the Redbalifrog silvers. These colours are great.


    • Martha says:

      Hi Alexandra! It’s a tough time of year with fall collections about to come out. I’m glad I’m not the only one who like the True Beadz with the Redbalifrog silvers. They seem to be a hit today on IG. πŸŽ‰πŸŒΏπŸƒ


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