The Redbalifrog Green Man ($44 USD) and Balinese Troll ($37 USD) are just perfect for any nature themed bracelet. The Green Man has such a serene look on his face. 

Balinese Troll is quite mischievous looking and I really like the ring through his nose. With a little smirk on his face, I do wonder what he’s thinking. 


On his back is the Om symbol. These two glass beads are True Beadz True Air Stormy Heavens and True Dragon Eyes Mystery. 

I think True Beadz glass goes wonderfully with Redbalifrog silver. The Redbalifrog beads are so detailed that I like them with the solid colours of the True Beadz. I put together a long chain of True Beadz with soft colours and this was the result. 

When I saw how lovely the Castle Stone looked with the Shadow colours, I decided they would be a perfect fit with the Dragon Green for a full nature themed bracelet. 

The Redbalifrog silver beads going clockwise from the top are The Nest, Tree Goblin, Green Man, Balinese Troll and Owl Nest. 

Lastly, here’s a bangle using the Redbalifrog Hawaiian Floral Stoppers, Tree Goblin, Trollbeads Silver Trace (Green/Turquoise), Green Man, Trollbeads Earth Bead and Balinese Troll. 

I hope this blog post can help people get in the mood for the upcoming Redbalifrog Woodlands Collection. We are in for a real treat! 

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.