It’s time for another travel post, this time based on a trip we took a long time ago to Syria and Lebanon! A lot of our pre-kids trips were with a British company called Explore. The trip was actually to Syria and Jordan but we flew into Damascus a few days early so we could take a day trip into Lebanon to see the Roman ruins at Baalbek.  We hired a man to drive us there and he entertained us with stories from his days as a driver for CNN. He would take footage out of Lebanon during their civil war and drive it over the border to Syria. Crossing the border was quite an adventure. There were multiple check points and everyone had machine guns. One guy with a machine gun strapped to his back gave me a candy, but I didn’t eat it although I’m sure it was fine. 😬 Anyway, the Roman ruins at Baalbek were quite fantastic and I’m glad we went there. Sorry about the quality of my photos of photos. These are from the year 2000. 

In Syria we spent about 10 days or so touring around. At one of the entrances to the souk in Damascus you can see part of a Roman structure (Temple of Jupiter). Damascus is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. 

We went to Krak des Chevaliers, a crusader castle. Here’s my husband!

Here is a view from a citadel of the city of Aleppo. The souk there was fantastic. I bought the best soap I’ve ever used in my life there. It was olive oil soap and the lather was wonderful. It was in gigantic blocks and then the shop keeper would cut pieces off for you and wrap them in paper. Sadly, I was reading last night that now 60 percent of the souk has been destroyed.

Lastly, here is a photo from the famous ruins at Palmyra. Poor Wayne was super sick and threw up behind some of the Greco-Roman ruins. 

Our time in Syria was really interesting and I haven’t even mentioned the Hezbollah museum we encountered by chance in Lebanon or the ‘I Heart Bashar al-Assad’ t-shirt I bought as a souvenir. He had just come to power days before we arrived and the shirts were everywhere. It’s now hidden in my closet because, well, obviously I’m not going to wear it. Our city has take in quite a number of Syrian refugees and when I go into schools as a substitute teacher I often encounter new arrivals. How sad I get for them that they had to flee their country and at the death and destruction that has taken place. Wow, it’s now impossible to make a nice segue to the world of beads, but let’s just get to it. 

Clearly the colour I think of when remembering Syria is beige. These photos were just a sampling of the ones I took, but really they all kind of look like this. When I had made up a bracelet with the Trollbeads Golden Rutilated Quartz using beiges and light blues, that got me thinking of doing this post. 

Below left to right are the Sunbeam Spacer, Ancient Palace, Scirocco, Whitecap, Smile of Stars, Amazonite, Milky Quartz, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Smile of Stars, Ice Blue Bud, Scirocco, Traces and Sunbeam Spacer. 

I made up a combo with the Dancing Butterfly Earrings, Bow Ring and Palm Island on the Neck Bangle. 

For a dedicated combo inspired by the colours of Syria I’ve got the Citrine Facet Ring, a bangle with Gold Spacers and Wise Bamboo plus a large bracelet. 

Below left to right are Sunbeam Spacer, Hourglass Bead, a glass bead from the Winter Wonder Kit, Social Circle, Scirocco, Floral Wishes and a Pearl. 

Below left to right after the Pearl are a glass bead from the Winter Wonder Kit, Rise Together, Nature Unity, Symphony of Hearts, glass bead from the Winter Wonder Kit and a Pearl. 

Below left to right are Rainbow Bridge, Scirocco, Social Circle, Soul of Sunshine, Hourglass, Sunbeam Space, Smoky Quartz Facet Tassel and the Soft Wind of Change Lock. 

So, clearly if you’ve been to Syria I’d love to hear about it! I would still go to Jordan again and would like to go to Iran someday, but am about iffy about other places in the region right now. 

Beadwise, I think I really like the bangle with the Wise Bamboo and Gold Spacers plus the top bracelet I wore for a couple of days. I sure do get a lot of use out of the Scirocco glass beads and am glad I have a pair. It’s funny how a single bead, like the Golden Rutilated Quartz can make one think of something, but the golden colour really did remind me of this trip. Do you have any beads that make you think of a time or place?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.