This is a super short blog post, as I didn’t go overboard making a bunch of different combos for a change, but I wanted to show this kit because it’s so colourful for the summertime. A while ago I bought the Trollbeads Dreams of Freedom Kit because I liked how bright and whimsical it is. It is designed by Gail Crosman Moore who also designed the Native Elements Kit, which I also love. As with all Trollbeads glass kits, you get 6 beads for the price of 5.Β 
Here they are in a Brady Bunch style grid. Looking at the top row, they are called Hopeful Poppies, Stamen of Life, Flaming Meditation, Dream Away, Unbreakable Ties and Spiritual Cone.Β 

They look fabulous together on a bangle in the sun!

I thought that the beads with red would work well together. I like the Gold Spacers with the yellow glass.Β 

Here is the Stamen of Life on a bangle for #bluejuly2017. The stock photo shows it not having as much blue as this one. I love all the blue with the little bit of orangish/red. The other beads left to right are Beach, Wave of Dreams, The Eye and Blue Moonstone. I really love this bangle. 😍

Lastly, I made up another bracelet for #bluejuly2017 using the Dream Away bead as the jumping off point. Those are Light Blue Turquoise Prisms on each end. The other glass beads starting on the right and going clockwise are Seabead Anemone, Whitecap, Ice Blue Bud, Cool Dusk, Blue Fizz and Ancient Palace.Β 

That’s is for today, although there must be so many ways to use the beads in this kit. Say, did anyone pick up anything in the recent Trollbeads USA sale? On Monday I’m going with my girlfriends to the Trollbeads store in Michigan! I plan to buy 4 beads-probably glass ones, although I’m hankering for some Pink Pearls after seeing @evepink123’s gorgeous combos. I swear we could all save money by not looking at each other’s bead photos!Β 

Oh! If you live in NYC I’ll be at the Trollbeads Store there on Saturday, July 22 from 12-4 and would love to meet up! And I’ll get to have beads n’ coffee with April of Charm Bead Blog in the morning! Can’t wait!Β