Last week Julia kindly sent me some True Beadz Treasures, as an example of some of the ones that will be available for the Great Lakes Boutique Bead Bash at the end of September. After posting a video on my Facebook page, there was some interest in seeing them, so here are some photos that might help with making purchasing decisions. In each case I tried to pair one or two Treasures with regular collection beads. 

Let’s start with my favourites. The middle one is especially gorgeous!

The True Touch Terracotta beads match nicely with this one. 

This cream coloured flowery one pairs nicely with Black Ice on the left and Blizzard on the right. Black Ice really is a favourite of mine. 

Here, I’ve used Alchemy Waterfall and Alchemy Breeze on either side of this bluish green Treasure. 

The Treasure on the left is the one that really caught my eye on Instagram. The middle bead is Almost Rose Quartz and on the right is another Treasure. Almost Rose Quartz is retired but I believe Star Bijou has some retired True Beadz, like Almost Aquamarine and Homemade, which is a sweet silver bead of buttons. I think my friend Trisha has it. 🤔

Here are a couple of bracelets using different colour palettes. Fingers crossed everyone will be able to get what they want as I know quite a few people are saving up some money for the event!

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.