Today is the beginning of pre-orders for the Nature’s Promise Collection, coming out September 15th.

The forest is going to sleep. Days are getting shorter and soon the trees start to let go of their leaves. The animals are stowing away for winter. Acorns are hidden in the piles and the fox is storing food in shallow holes. Plants and flowers are capsuled to protect life until it is time to bring back life in spring.

The collection consists of 12 glass beads, 7 silver beads, 3 silver spacers, 2 stones, 2 locks, a new bangle and a new ring.

Let’s start with the Strawberry Quartz bead ($63 USD/$83 CAD). Designer: Lise Aagaard

 Strawberry Quartz helps to attract and give love. It makes you enjoy every precious moment.

The Cat’s Eye Quartz bead is also $63 USD/$83 CAD. Designer: Lise Aagaard

A stone for happiness, optimism and luck.The Cat’s Eye Quartz is said to strengthen your intuition and helps you let go of negative energies.

The Forest Life Kit is $280 USD/$364 CAD. Designer: Neetu Gupta

Nature is full of wonders.

The individual beads cost $56 USD/$74 CAD.

Acorns–When the oak trees let go of their acorns, pick up one for luck.

Forest Glam– Dressed in orange the forest invites you to dance.

Glimpse of Green–Find energy and harmony with the wonderful colour of the forest.

Willow Twigs–Take a walk in the forest to lose your mind and find your soul.

Voice of Wind–Let the stories of the wind enchant you.

Raindrops– As raindrops fall the forest awakens.

The silver beads are as follows:

Shelter– Through the storm, the dried poppies protect life until it is time to unfold. ($56 USD/$74 CAD) Designer: Kim Buck

Wise Owl–Just like the wind the wise owl has seen it all. ($56 USD/$74 CAD) Designer: Louise Rimpler

Shape of Magic (top row)– The geometry of nature never stops to amaze. ($56 USD/$74 CAD) Designer: Kim Buck

Best of Both (bottom row)– Know yourself; if you remove your devils, your angels might leave too. ($31 USD/$41 CAD) Designer: Louise Rimpler

Intertwined (top left) is $56 USD/$74 CAD.  Love is like a puzzle. Working on it is part of the joy. Designer: Thor Høy

Infinity (top right) is $56 USD/$74 CAD. To infinity and beyond. Designer: Thor Høy

Leaves of Love (bottom) is $46 USD/$61 CAD.  Use your senses – beauty is all around you. Designer: Morten Pol Engell Nørregård

There are three new decorative spacers. On the top row is Capsule of Life, which is $56 USD/$74 CAD. A seedhead holds the secret of life, unfolding in the wind. Designer: Kim Buck

Night Sky (bottom row) is $31 USD/$41 CAD. Great wonders are found in the patterns of the night sky. Designer: Kim Buck

Sneaky Fox is $46 USD/$61 CAD. Your little guide out of tricky situations. Designer: Louise Rimpler

The Forest Secrets Kit is $170 USD/$221 CAD. Designer: Lise Aagaard

When nature speaks, listen.

The individual beads cost $34 USD/$45 CAD.

Slumber–The forest goes to sleep to protect life until it is time to live and breathe again.

Leaf Fall–Autumn carries gold in its pockets.

Sparkling Moss– Covered in dew, the floor of the forest sparkles in the early mornings.

Marble Dot–Draw dreams in marble and fears in dust. 

Marble–The beauty of earth is sculptured in marble.

Forest Mist–A light mist enchants the forest as the dusk of night sets in.

One of two new locks is the Trunk of Treasures, bottom right, which is $56 USD/$74 CAD. Protect your treasured memories. Hide them in a hollow tree trunk. Designer: Louise Rimpler

The lock pictured top and bottom left is called Best of Both, which is $59 USD/$79 CAD. Know yourself; if you remove your devils, your angels might leave too. Designer: Louise Rimpler

The Star Bangle costs $127 USD/$168 CAD and the Star Ring of Change costs $76/$100 CAD. Designer: Kim Buck

The Star Bangle looks really cool through a bunch of spacers.

The Ring of Change is meant to be worn with a bead. I did a blog post on it here, with lots of action shots.

So, what a fabulous release this is! I really like how the beads work together and with older beads too. Below is a bangle showing the Cat’s Eye Quartz on the left and the Golden Rutilated Quartz on the right. The Acorns bead really does go nicely with the Roses for Mom bead.

Forest Glam has been a big hit on Instagram and looks fabulous with a Lapis Lazuli.

Next to a Copper Twisted Bangle it looks lush.

A distinctly pink or salmon pink colour palette emerged when I put these pieces together.

The Capsule of Life Spacer is definitely one of my favourite pieces. I absolutely love the texture on it.

It’s very easy to go with a beautiful green and gold colour scheme, also.

Here are a few combos on the Black Onyx Fantasy Necklace.

This is what I’m wearing today.

Lastly, here’s a bracelet with a peach, pink and black colour scheme.

So, I’d love to hear what is on ‘the list’ for this release and I can’t wait to see everyone’s pictures a week from now! The collection was provided by Trollbeads USA and this is an affiliate link to their online store below.

Trollbeads Nature's Promise Collection

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.