I already had quite a few photos of the Capsule of Life Spacer ($56 USD/$74 CAD) so thought I’d gather them up for a short blog post. Designed by Kim Buck, to me this is an amazing piece of art. I see it as being fluid and elegant, with so many ways to use it. Right now my favourite way is with two, snugged up together.

The Spacer cups beads so nicely, in this case, two Rose Quartzes.

Here I’ve used it with Willow Twigs, but any thoughts on the fact that it obscures a bit of the pattern? I’m thinking maybe this would look better with a solid bead in the middle?

Reversing the spacers changes the look, this time with a Unique Amber. I really like the Star Bangle here, as it looks like the lines are flowing onto the bangle from the spacer.

Roberta on Instagram (her photos are in the weekly newsletters from Trollbeads, @just.me.roby) put it next to a prism and wow! Here I’ve put a Lavender Prism between two spacers. Something strange happened with the light in this photo but the beads are the correct colours so I just left it. πŸ€”

Reversing the spacers once again, I added a Sweet Berries Spacer in the middle. I really like this look!

Finally, here they are on the Pink Pearl Fantasy Necklace with a Pink Prism in between them. So, I think this spacer looks great anywhere it’s placed and it’s been so much fun to play with. Now that it’s been a few days since the release has anyone enjoyed playing around with new purchases? I lost my Night Sky Spacer under the deck while taking a photo, so bought a new one and I might have also ordered two Marble beads. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ˜…

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