Once upon a time there was a little Sock Monster who was famous for his Lemon Meringue Pie recipe. He even taught his technique to Aunt Gnome.

But one day Sock Monster ran out of lemons. He went for a walk near the sea and encountered a friendly Baby Argh, also a slightly unusual creature. Sock Monster was looking a bit down and Baby Argh asked, “What’s wrong, little fellow?”

Sock Monster said, “I am all out of lemons and can’t find any anywhere. It’s like trying to find a Luna bead-next to impossible!”

“Come along with me,” said Baby Argh. “I have an underwater lemon tree and you may have as many lemons as you’d like. However, first you have to swim through the Ring of Bees and and Ring of Knots. These obstacles are easily overcome and I hope you will try. ”

“I would like to try, but will ask my friend Growling Hippo along as he’s a strong swimmer and can carry back some lemons in his mouth.”

The new friends swam and swam and finally reached the lemon tree. It was a thing of beauty and Sock Monster was so grateful to finally find some lemons.

Upon his return he baked a pie while Aunt Gnome enjoyed a coffee. (Pie has never agreed with Growling Hippo, so he was off using the restroom while this photo was taken.)

Alright, in all seriousness, Baby Argh ($85 USD) and Lemon, a Limited Edition bead ($35 USD) are quite wonderful. Baby Argh can be worn on the Ball Necklace.

It can be worn on a bracelet or bangle using the holes horizontally. I like to think that the Trollbeads Azure Bubble are actually bubbles that Baby Argh has blown.

It works nicely vertically as well. Those are the Ohm Beads Blue Holes on either end and then Trollbeads Seabed Stripe and Turquoise Bubbles.

The Lemon bead is really bright and cheery.

I like it with the white Cold Milk beads, the Ohm Beads Live bead and the Trollbeads House bead. Such a clean look and it makes me think of lemon meringue pie.

Check it out with the Ohm Beads Rainbowed, Strawberry and two Trollbeads called Masala Facet and River of Life Facet.

Finally, here’s a larger bracelet. I love how the Lemon bead matches the yellow bits on Confetti Upchuck. That’s one I should have bought doubles of! I think I’ll call this bracelet ‘Baby Argh Hosts a Picnic on the Moon.’ I hope everyone enjoyed today’s short story and this look at a couple of ohmsome beads!

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Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples and that’s an affiliate ad up above.