The new Marble bead is such a great neutral so I thought I’d make up a few combos. It costs $34 USD/$45 CAD. 

Since the base is ivory, I wanted to use it with an older bead that is ivory with light blue dots, called Beige/Blue Dot. The glass beads on the bangle in front are Cozy, Traces and Marble. 

This is a recent favourite bracelet with peach tones in the Blossom Shade on the left and a Feldspar Moonstone on the right. Now that the days are getting shorter I’ve been taking a lot of evening sun photos!

For a mocha kind of look I used the Brown/Light Grey Leather Bracelet. On the bracelet are three Marble beads, Marble Dot, Dancing Dragons, Mocha (the coffee bean) and Coffee Mug. 

For another neutral bracelet I tried a glass bead/silver bead alternating pattern. 

Since a lot of these are older beads I thought maybe newer collectors would like to know what they are. Below left to right are Rainbow Bridge, Quiet Flower Bead, Marble, Lucky Knot, Silver Mountain, Neverending, Milan, Aztec and Marble. 

Below left to right after the Marble are Planet (small), Black Silk, Rhythm Drum, Marble, Freedom Feather and Neptune’s Promise. 

Below left to right are Pumpkin Ornament, Cozy, Dancing Dragons, Silver Mountain, the bead from the Feel Good Bracelet, Cliffs and the new Best of Both Lock. 

Lastly, here’s a bracelet using soft yellows and greens. The Marble beads would also look lovely with orange for Hallowe’en and red and who knows how many other colours? Such a versatile bead! I think it will be like Azure Bubbles-with so much variation it would be very fun to collect multiples. What do you think? 🤔

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.