Although there isn’t a specific Hallowe’en themed bead coming out this year (that I know of!), Trollbeads has such a rich back catalogue that there is plenty to choose from for newer collectors. Left to right, the new to me beads are Inner Glow ($46 USD/$61 CAD), Heart Catcher or Wicked Web ($56 USD/$74 CAD), Skeleton Spirit ($72 USD/$95 CAD ), Pumpkin ($56 USD/$74 CAD), Sleeping Bat ($56 USD/$74 CAD), Apple of Wisdom ($46 USD/$61 CAD), Power Chakra ($46 USD/$61 CAD), Masala Facet ($46 USD/$61 CAD), Coral Stripe ($34 USD/$45 CAD) and Trick or Treat ($56 USD/$74 CAD).

The Sleeping Bat is so awesome! Look at that cute little face. I’m a bit afraid of bats, but my cousin studies them and presents research papers about them all over the world, so this shall remind me of her!

I love how it hangs on this bangle. Left to right are Sunbeam Spacer, Marble, Masala Facet, Sleeping Bat, Black Onyx, Skeleton Spirit, Leaf Fall, Marble and Sweet Berries Spacer.

Skeleton Spirit has the most amazing detail, especially along the spine.

Below left to right are Night Sky Spacer, Leaf Fall, Wicked Web, Trick or Treat, Skeleton Spirit, Coral Stripe and Sweet Berries.

Check out six different views from the Trick or Treat Bead. It’s designed by Nozomi Kaji of Deep Ocean and Ageless Beauty fame.

I love the detail on the Pumpkin Bead and how the mouth is shaped like a bat. There is also a bat on the back of it. The glass bead to the right of it is called Love & Laughter.

Here it is on the Black Leather Necklace, with an Amethyst, Skeleton Spirit, Power Chakra and Black Onyx.

The Power Chakra also looks amazing with Acorns. That’s the new Strawberry Quartz on the right.

I love this bangle below here using some green beads. That’s a Night Sky Spacer, Masala Facet, Apple of Wisdom, Sparkling Moss (which really matches the pumpkin stem!), Power Chakra, Shelter, Glimpse of Green and Sneaky Fox Spacer below.

Inner Glow *really* lights up in the dark!

Here it is in the daytime. The Mexican Sugar Skull is great for this time of year also.

The last bead I want to feature is Coral Stripe. Look how nicely it goes with Forest Glam! I know the stripe in Forest Glam is navy and the Coral Stripe has black, but I still like them together. That’s a Forest Mist in the middle.

It also looks great with Voice of Wind and a Feldspar Moonstone!

I know that this time of year with the cool, crisp mornings, the changing foliage, freshly picked apples and Hallowe’en is a favourite of many people, myself included. I’d love to hear about what beads you like to use in October! Or is there a certain colour scheme you like to use? I will probably try a couple of purple, black and orange combos. One housekeeping note-I will likely be only doing one blog post a week now, as I’ve accepted a full time job (teaching music to 18 classes!) that goes until the end of June. I plan to keep up my Instagram though! Julia just announced that this month’s fun theme is #pumpkinoctober2017, so join in if you can!

To see more Hallowe’en themed Trollbeads, click on the (affiliate) link below, then go to ‘Gifts’, then Hallowe’en.

Trollbeads Nature's Promise Collection

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.