The new limited edition starter bracelet called Wishful Sky will be coming out November 3, for $109 USD/$144 CAD. Consisting of a decorative lock, foxtail chain, small silver bead and a blue faceted glass bead, it’s set at a great purchase price.

The small silver star is just darling and I absolutely love the back of it! Kyungjin on Instagram mentioned that it looks like a shooting star.

To add in a few more beads, I used Gold Spacers, the Diamond Bead in White and a blue bead from the upcoming Winter Forest Kit.

There is another blue bead in the Winter Forest Kit and then I added in a pearl, thinking it reminded me of a snowball! The spacer on the left is the Nut Spacer. It’s super shiny!

Here I’ve tried adding in a touch of gold with two Gold Spacers and two Gold Silver Trace beads. On the left is the Night Sky Spacer and Wave of Dreams. On the right are The Eye and the Sneaky Fox Spacer.

It’s hard to capture the sparkle of this beautiful blue bead and I’m just getting used to a new phone, but I thought a video might be helpful. If an HD button comes up be sure to hit it.

So, hope you’ve enjoyed this quick look at a delightful bracelet! I know lots of people are keen on it and I hope Trollbeads sells lots of them as it’s always my hope that more people get into Trollbeads (and the other brands I love, too!). I asked for this to be in a size a tad smaller than I would usually wear, so that I can just wear it as is, or with only a couple of other beads. These days I’m keeping chains in two sizes, one for full bracelets and one size for smaller, mini bracelets, which I’m more apt to wear daily. I’m going to edit in a photo of the glass bead in the sun if it ever makes an appearance again, but what do you think of it now that you’ve seen live images?

Disclosure: For this blog I may receive some items as promotional samples.

Oh! I forgot to mention that here’s a little look at the sweet reindeer! What a cutie!

And finally the sun came out!